Sunday, August 1, 2010

three big bangs this evening

This early afternoon I walked over to the Callahan Park area to check out a garage sale that advertised 'books' amongst its wares.  The street where the garage sale was found --  off Willard Avenue  --  is also located near a beer distributor that sported two lengthy cigarette drops beside one entrance, in an enclosed-and-mulched decorative bush area; those were photographed as a local police officer watched.  A short walk along the opposite end of Willard Avenue passed by the backside of the so-called 'Jewish Cemetery' addressed West Washington Street, which now has many newish stone monuments standing within its small metal-fenced space, not far from Bennett Brook where scaffolding now stands as preparation to survey a crumbling waterstream wall.

Additionally, the source of a cluster of seeded blackberries (stages of fruition randing from white/green to dark purple) found on a screen in the garage after an evening of thumps and bumps heard, was seen to be a thorny blackberry plant bent streetward along Poplin Avenue not far from the city park.  Missing plantparts may have been pulled from the stem-top flattened on the asphalt.  Following a McKean County PA District Nine basketball championship won by past local high school Owls team, various demand-call strategies using player name 'Knott' (purveyor of seedless jams from CA) have been privately/secretly prevalent among some populations.

Small rock slabs lay beside Poplin Avenue, north from West Washington Street, one flaked/separated not far from Willard Avenue (photos taken last week in June 2010).  Aging oil-well rig yet stands nearby the Jewish cemetery, beside Willard Avenue; divided mudhole and antler-like branch also nearby cemetery.

It's about 6:30 p. m. here in the Bradford PA city locale, and three loud gunshot bangs were just heard across the Tun'a Valley, two more than heard the night before last after national journalism reported an injurious grizzly bear encounter in the western United States (MO). Last night as I was sitting here at the PC-terminal doing file-management tasks (Pleasant Street in Bradford PA), a black bear appeared to investigate a trash can that indeed contained edible food, none rotting or especially old (one piece 'mechanically marinated' (?), plus chicken nuggets); in the past other such 'visitors' have included a skunk and an opossum feeding side-by-side upon dry cat food held in a dangling margarine cup affixed with twine to a wrought-iron sliding-glass door barrier.

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