Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a different memorial day outing

Today time was scheduled to see family gravesites at McKean Memorial Park in Lafayette Township, Mount Alton vicinity.  The late afternoon drive took us through Custer City, Degolia, and Lewis Run, Pennsylvania, to the cemetery where many individuals have been interred dating from the 1800s.  The cemetery has two drive-through stonework columns, a series of dusty dirt roads, a pond with visiting Canadian geese, and many memorial grave markers (all flat), some with attached vases.

Today billowing smoke was seen rising just outside the cemetery boundary.  Some graves have new-style composite grave markers which, however, are sinking at one edge.  Other graves are now barely visible within the grassy turf, such as one lettered "Reverend...Burton" nearby the pond (no doubt a former sinkhole); no running water is visible within the immediate cemetery grounds.  Dandelion flowers and mushrooms are scattered among the graves, which are maintained by the McKean County Cemetery Association.  Small wild-animal feces littered one section near the pond.  The setting is rural woodlands rural flatland.

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