Monday, August 23, 2010

Callahan Park under dark and drizzling clouds

The tape draped as a barrier in the school parking lot at the Bennett Brook ford-zone, just outside the Callahan Park parking-lot gate, is gone today.  Collapsed wild cherries and rotting green apples litter the brookside walkway and grass, more picked up from the ground today to toss into the waterstream.  Plus, woody asparagus stems were tossed into a small rivulet channeling water from Brook Street neighborhood to brook, flowing beneath large, aging metal grill at park east entrance.   (Are bok choy stems in the same category of foreign influence as Asian carp?  The Code-man will let us know.}

Other views toward Degolia, PA:  Above photo (made weeks ago) shows new addition to Bradford Hospital, the entire premises now lettered 'BRMC'; the question is, will a bigger hospital mean more episiotomies?  Original idea was to put an extension in a more stable outlying municipality than the reverse-polarity Tun'a Creek locale.
Next photo shows evening perspective from School Street Elementary School parking lot (between Pearl Street and North Center Street), and neon flame from the Zippo Manufacturers premises addressed blocks away, southward, along Barbour Street in Bradford PA not far from Interstate Parkway   --  perhaps a cultural hint that neon would be more appropriate than an open flame to light 'n' view the oracle-bead archaeological site a few miles distant--a public hint from predecessor artifact discoverer(s).

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