Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the other side of Tun'a Valley

After stopping in to read a few newspapers and magazines at Bradford Area Public Library, today's walk included High Street area oil-well equipment observation  --  newly painted green  concurrent with the newly-renovated Route 219 roadway-bypass  --  plus an uphill walk along King Street past Cottage Row to Hillside Avenue from High Street, where other aging oil-well equipment can also be seen.  Hillside Avenue ends at yet another dirt road that extends above High Street to Main Street intersection and beyond above East Main Street to East Avenue beside General Roofing Company; a foot-long live mottled-colors snake was seen on the dirt road not far from a discarded dark-blue sweatshirt lettered 'California' that has a small seedling growing through the hood among other such plants embedded in soil around the garment.  More oil-well equipment can be seen, including a bundle of metal pipes and spigot nearby, plus tank-type containers and drill-rigs.

Debris alongside dirt road extending from Hillside Avenue signifies readiness to prop, frame and collect artifact from Degolia PA ceremonial/archaeological site, but leavings also are 'examples of the culture' demanded during influence-networking tactics.

Regaining the sidewalk beside East Main Street was a bit hazardous during the late afternoon post-workday traffic that curves to and from downtown Bradford, Pennsylvania.  Concrete steps that in the past fronted houses now 'disappeared' lead directly to the roadway without leeway berm, and in places end where overgrown foliage now covers them.  The walk was continued along East Main Street to South Kendall Avenue, that leads to Jackson Avenue via the berm nearby through-traffic bypass exit/entry ramps.  Again today, a flame was visible from one of the slender stackpoles within American Refining Group premises alongside Tun'a Creek.

Description of a small pothole across from ARG at a Jackson Avenue was test-messaged to the local city Public Works Department, while again moving past the large tree-stumps in yards beside Jackson Avenue.  Sitting to rest at a stable and solid wall along Jackson Avenue at Sanford Street, a tiny purple string-underpant was seen lying atop the wall where some few food containers were also scattered in the grass.

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