Sunday, August 22, 2010


The Bradford Area Public Library is open only until 2:00 p. m. Saturdays  --  a cost-cutting measure during state funding-reduction times --  so the doors were locked when attempt was made to go in and read a newspaper.

A walk through Callahah Park as located beside the newly-expanded hospital was unusually quiet and the parklands were almost empty --  apparently a family reunion was scheduled with informal telephone-pole notice displayed on Poplin Avenue but the situation was not clear about formal reservations or whether the entire park was reserved.  Motorcycles and riders  were grouped within the nearby high school parking lot, and a yellow plastic ribbon was stretched across the Bennett Brook vehicle entry/exit-access ford zone technically outside parklands proper.

The neighborhoods in the hospital/high-school/parklands zone have been ruined throughout past decades, and it is suspected that oil-companies' resident flux around a company-claimed mansion has contributed to the disappearance of West Bradford housing (as a result from fires) and families.  Indeed, as casual walk through the parklands proceeded past the family grouped among the picnic tables, a scramble (as rotten green apples were picked up to toss in to brook-waters creatures) left one small child prone on the brookside walkway.  The small and dense green apples, some slightly reddened, are usually left lying on the ground where-ever they are found on public lands to forestall conflict although many think otherwise.

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