Friday, February 18, 2011

sunny and cool hike to Degolia PA

o  Street-side sign down along West Washington Street southside, across from Country Fair at intersection with Mechanic Street.  Intact brown-glass beer bottle on sidewalk and broken green Straub's beer bottle in roadway between parked vehicles in the South Avenue '100' block-addresses area, Bradford PA;  a number of different gloves abandoned or lost along same street; slumping wall at Clyne Builders premises alongside sidewalk, downslope; yellow disposable lighter at guard-rail area where sidewalks end (South Bradford) plus cracked asphalt at eastern edge South Avenue moving toward/from South Bradford, slumping at guard-rails and berm in Bradford city limits area.  Strong gas odor at equipment/tank, corner Tibbitts Avenue.

o  Blaisdell/Emery Tun'a Valley Trail at Owens Way shallow snow from trailhead to Degolia (and beyond); plowed asphalt-tinged snowbanks at edges cemetery-installation alongside Minard Run Road at intersection with South Avenue, southside piled snow covering metal-plaque gravesite at curb in that rural area.  Drainage grates set into roadway/asphalt alongside Owens Way are the same type seen at edge West Corydon Street  --  aging/rusting yet still- tough metal bounded by a curb and stretching/cracking asphalt affected by increased/continuous traffic flow (W Corydon traffic to/from UPB and Owens Way traffic to/from overpass entries/exits).  All roadway drainage grates in the Bradford PA area cover deep pit-like descent-shafts to water-runoff storm sewers, large enough to drop people (child-size shafts in the city proper, with larger shafts in the outlying area).

Retraced own tracks during return to Bradford city; three gunshots heard from direction of Custer City PA.  Strong odor gas near Cline Oil Company equipment.  Congress Street return -- slumping property-wall, roadway potholes at Zippo Manufacturing and at Race Street; one red lighter lying in snowy/slush.  Upslope Pike Street from Clarence Street between and parallel to both South Avenue and Congress Street, to South Avenue become Mechanic Street.

o  New tattoo premises addressed between Players Lounge on Mechanic Street and God Rocks Ministry at corner Main Street; hubcap at corner West Washington Street at Mechanic Street [Bradford Era newspaper describes lost Cadillac hubcap]; ice gone from Tun'a Creek, Dollar General shopping cart nowhere-to-be-seen in rushing snowmelt waterflow; slumping wall at Grace Lutheran Church.  Intact Miller brand beer bottle lying in snowdrift alongside yard between Mechanic Street and Pearl Street at School Street address.

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