Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Saturday plus observations

o  Orange baby-over-a-bucket container on-site with workers during W. Washington Street garage painting, past weekend.

o  2/15/2011  --  Very icy/slippery walk to BAPL and some stores.  Wet TOPS Market plastic bag directly at crosswalk exposed from melting snowpile at Abbott Lane and Interstate Parkway; removed to trash can Callahan Park.  Red somewhat battered disposable lighter on northside sidewalk W Washington Street between Bennett and Interstate Parkway intersections, beside former McCourt Label Company brick premises.  Dollar General shopping cart moved and set upright on ice in middle Tun'a Creek at bottom of plowed snowpile, as seen again from Mechanic Street bridge, westside.  Jets and their exhaust-trails evident overhead.  Two brown beer bottles seen as uncovered during thaw/melt embedded in two different snowdrifts, one in the former Post Office yard, both at E Corydon Street addresses.

Made note of iced-over outside meters, one addressed W Washington Street across from abandoned plaza.  Lettered 'CROSSWALK' with red felt-tip marker on backside one new metal 'Do Not Enter' sign missing 'STOP' sign at Pleasant/N Center Streets schoolzone crosswalk.

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