Thursday, February 24, 2011

sardonics, nightmares and the-wonder-of-it-all

o  The most recent March/April issue of Archaeology magazine presents 'The New Upper Class' (p. 40) together with the photo of a rather new-looking skeleton surrounded with "more than two pounds of gold" in bead, bracelet and bar form at "the Copper Age site of Varna, Bulgaria" (in Europe a theft of housed artifacts was reported in the San Jose Mercury News some years ago).

o  Scientific American March 2011 issue presents 'A New Spin on Cooking' (p. 23) that describes "...a new piece of equipment to the kitchen that until recently was found mainly in medical laboratories and university chemistry departments...ultracentrifuges...intense pseudogravity...".  Must add this to nightmares about waxy/gel rare and tiny mucousal-artifact oracle-bead possibly being torched, sliced, doused with chemicals, mashed or maybe 'ground-up' rather than fingertip or nanotech viewing of its historical content-imagery and hearing of its audible voicestrip.

o  It doesn't happen often, but from time to time I receive mail bearing no return address, usually containing some kind of newsprint clipping or other commercial notice.  Yesterday's mailbox find is a page from the Automotive Insider magazine that describes "double manufacturer incentives" beginning today across the PA/NY state line near Saint Bonaventure University (ending Saturday).  Dealer surname matches surname of 'missing person' female presented in recent Nancy Grace telecast.

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