Wednesday, February 2, 2011

return trudge to downtown Bradford PA, yesterday

Photos:  Expanded pothole near 'heinous house' address, Pleasant Street here in Bradford PA; Lexus parked over expanded pothole at driveway across from Pleasant St 'heinous house' address; Lexus reparked parallel over expanded pothole, one-way Pleasant Street between near-SSES school-zone missing stop-sign and new H[OSPITAL]-lettered sign installed at Pleasant/Summer/Jackson roadway juncture looking west toward Bradford Regional Medical Center.

Shopping cart removed from Kennedy Street bridge area and pulled to TOPS Market at Main and Davis Streets while snowplows cleared snow from area streets.  Hair-detangler product purchased from CVS to remedy large mats/dreadlocks apparent since sub-zero-degree F "cold snap" (such temperatures perhaps a planned cultural action, population-linkages vacuum effect).

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