Wednesday, February 9, 2011

from sunspots to waterspots

o  Augh!  Nasty-looking large brown waterspot in laundryroom ceiling, from crawl-space near iced-over eaves, post-eclipse (cannot complain).  Outdoors thermometer reading 0-degrees F around midnight last night.  Streamside wall cracked top-to-bottom just below BAHS outdoors football-field that is situated above Bennett Brook just outside Callahan Park here in Bradford PA.

o  Current National Geographic issue (February 2011) presents article titled 'Opium Wars' beginning on page 58; page 70 as example, "...millions of dollars have poured into Badakhshan Province by the U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and other western organizations in an attempt to lure Afghan farmers away from poppies...a village like Sar Ab in Yamgan district...or village like Du Ghalat... .  ...mujahideen...dead husband...widow's poppy field... .".  That entire opium-procurement-then-abatement effort is relative to content-imagery and physical appearance of mucousal-artifact oracle-bead visible beneath limestone roadside-rest/monument in northwestern PA is not at all common knowledge.

Another article in the same issue, 'Under Paris' (beginning p. 104) describes findings beneath the city of Paris in France, showing photos of graffiti that appears similar to graffiti found in the U. S. (see previous descriptive post), along with photo of piled human bones so that we must wonder (only to some extent in San Francisco CA) if and where are any human bones associated with other such U. S. graffiti-locations.  The mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle also contains preserved memory-images of ancient France that might well match some of those piled human bones.

o  Pepperoni gone from Kennedy Street.  Snow-cover remains 'crunchy', with sudden top-layer breaks and leg-sinking that perhaps occurs nowhere else except in that type of snow.

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