Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday walk to the Post Office, Bradford PA

o  Multiple cans of 'silly-string' and fragments lying on berm/sidewalk in front of Pleasant Street address southside about a half block from School Street Elementary School.  Red disposable lighter in Pleasant Street roadway some yards from 'heinous house' address.  Pothole-pitted crosswalk area extending from Pleasant Street southside to Summer Street juncture.  Very slightly slumped retaining wall (topmost acute angle) fronting address northside on Jackson Avenue at juncture Pleasant and Summer Streets.  Merged pothole at Jackson Avenue and Kennedy Street becoming ever deeper.  Broken squared-stone from piled-stone retention wall, parking lot beside Hull Electric Company; new gas meter slightly squeaking/chirping continuously between parking lot and store premises.

Deep potholes evident on Kennedy Street bridge (now one-way), and rusted broken street-sign down between asphalt bridge roadway and sidewalk eastside.  Extreme waterflow subsurface conditions continue.
Above:  Tun'a Creek cresting, below Kennedy Street bridge.

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