Monday, February 28, 2011

sudden precipitation change

o  Rain began falling last night, that helps to disperse the piled snow and frozen-drip icicle layers of snow as well as transforming other snowfall to walkway slush.  Two lightning flashes around 3:00 a.m. were each followed with thundercrunch overhead cloud collisions that are slow as-if-deliberate atmospheric impacts perhaps the origin of the phrase from children's Chicken Little book "the sky is falling", in the sense that the clouds sound like snow being pushed together to form snowballs that are hurled or otherwise fall to earth. The latter of two thundercrunch impacts was at least a minute long from initial impact to sound cessation, different from thunderclaps or regular thundercloud sounds.

o  Flashback to Cox-addressed household now gone among other wooden housing destroyed in the Washington Street area nearby upward-flowing Tun'a Creek during past years, many board-feet of housing destroyed with fire row-after-row throughout the Bradford city valley-area following UPB campus installation.  The house was situated directly beside Tun'a Creek between Washington Street and Boylston Street at Pine Street, where metal-pipe railing now stands at creek edge.

Another sports bar is planned as a renovation of the Bradford Hotel (sez situated at Main and EastMain/High Street, where other metal-pipe railing bounds small parking-lot area with more than 50 feet direct drop to concrete-edged Tun'a Creek confluence; other sports bar is already located in Davis Street plaza at Forman Street bridge with similar metal-railed drop to stony confluence waterstream stretch (see photo below).

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