Friday, February 11, 2011

Sunny and cold (again)

o  Row of cars parked about two feet from curb in front of YMCA, north side Boylston Street.

o  Slightly-rusting TOPS Market shopping cart standing in front of Holley Hotel addressed Main Street; pulled across street to store parking lot.  Dollar General shopping cart lying on ice over Tun'a Creek across from piled snow dumped into waterstream area, below Moonan's Touchless Car Wash addressed W. Washington Street, seen from Mechanic Street bridge west side.  Flattened metal car part about 10 inches long protruding from snowbank beside sidewalk W Washington Street south side just westward from Mechanic Street.
Below:  Ice flow from CVS, Davis Street in Bradford PA.
Above:  traffic lane obstructed; parking area piled with snow in front YMCA Boylston Street.
o  It's been stale-dated past months until today, and it's a wonder whether unsold 18-packs of Miller Beer available at the W Washington Street beer distributor are a contributing cause of 'unrest' in the Bradford city area.

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