Saturday, February 5, 2011

past week observations

o  Yesterday, direct-sunlight sunny-spot 50-degrees F registered on outside thermometer, in morning freezing-cold air (could see breath).

o  Family cars/trucks/SUVs line up outside School Street Elementary School front-door each school day (sometimes a safe and spacious sidewalk area), parked straddling curb on both sidewalk and street as multiple school buses line up to carry students to homes outside Bradford city, while neighborhood children negotiate streets/sidewalks nearby.  Two STOP signs installed at Pleasant Street one-way intersection with N Bennett Street, where personnel and visitors move to/from parking lots and bus stop (formerly row houses addressed Pleasant Street at corner and row houses addressed alongside N Bennett Street downslope from corner).

o  Wicked-wet large slush-holes again encountered in various city locations, such as Choice service-station driveway at S Center St, crosswalk areas at Davis Street corners with Boylston and Forman Streets.

o  Gunshots heard in the nighttime around 2:00 a. m..

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