Sunday, February 6, 2011

rain-to-sleet walk

Ice, ice everywhere then yesterday cold tiny raindrops.  Pathway through Callahan Park slick with crusty layer of ice; sidewalks throughout W Bradford coated with +/- one-inch of layered ice, as were driveways and some parking lots.

Large pile of plowed snow blocking south sidewalk alongside Pleasant Street near juncture with Summer St and Jackson Avenue, nearby address known as home to surname jailed after throwing punches with injuries resulting in the Riddle House space at Holley Hotel recently.

BAPL not crowded.  The Bradford Era dated 2-5-2011, page four, tells us in 'Another Era' column that "...40 years ago, Bradford offices were inundated with complaints about city streets  --  specifically, West Washington, Elm and Mill Streets  --  being covered with curb-to-curb water due to clogged catch basins.  ..."

Mechanic Street bridge was viewpoint to gaze over frozen Tun'a Creek streambed topside  ice/snow layer, where some kind of scuffling or shuffling was recorded below a patch of bridge walkway snow that seemed to be red with spattered blood (or tobacco juice?).  Feces lying on sidewalks and yards in various locations are a  testament to nonvoluntary wintertime 'pet' premises.

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