Tuesday, March 31, 2009

overlying the Florida Street canal

The stretch of U. S. 1 between Johnson Street and Monterey Road in Stuart, FL, is populated with business-domain hotels/motels, shopping plazas, restaurants, and vehicular motor-vehicle sales/services.

The 'Holiday Mobile Park' is located very near the yet-visible section of a canal accessible from Florida Street, and consists of older full-size mobile-home trailers made semi-permanent with corrugated sheet-metal placed to protect the bases. The entire Park appears to have been uniformly coated with white paint, to reflect heat from both weather conditions and heat-radiating asphalt that has been poured to form business-premises and plazas all around.

Plazas appear to have been upgraded after the hurricanes of 2004; within many, the names of individual stores are much more prominently displayed than plaza names.

One such plaza is titled "Plantation Plaza'. The Stuart News dated 10/14/2008 gives us the front-page article titled, 'Developers have plans for West Martin land', "...51 20-acre lots in the Port Mayaca Plantation...and plans for 18 more...near Lake Okeechobee...". What all the new "settlers" are going to eat and how they are going to use their energy is not made clear, since the Plantation itself will be dominated with lifestyle housing. Building homes and housing complexes so as to just pull-out-and-eat 'gators and other fearsome-looking reptiles as if they are another form of fish can have serious debilitating consequences already documented in terms of disease and individual calamity.

One canal park located offroad from a rural route to and from Lake Okeechobee has posted a sign that warns park users that "alligators cannot be tamed", which invites brutal wildlife management practices directed toward the semi-aquatic creatures especially on private property. That 'Christians' might be installed within any given housing development as a nod towards requirements to have a balance of nature (keyword 'prosperity') will not guarantee optimum health or immunity of the human populations in the FL region.

Monday, March 30, 2009

break out the robots

From time to time the local Stuart News newspaper presents an article which describes robotics activities in the region.

More about the canal section that moves water beneath Florida Street near the intersection with Johnson Street:

The canal section is short and shallow (which might justify a 'slough' terminology designation). The water, when it moves, flows from one large container-tube installation southward into a container-tube installation beneath Florida Street, where the flow disappears from line of sight and truly cannot be seen to emerge again anywhere nearby. Riverside Bank's multi-lane drive-though banking lanes cover it, and a walk along U. S. 1 where the bank is addressed shows that the Federal Highway and multiple businesses also cover so it is not visible -- which is where the robots should come in, to search the sections of sub-surface water-container-tubes.

One medical office ("Family and Preventive Medicine", the sign tells us, address and operator also listed in the local telephone directory) is addressed on the east side of the canal section, which has a non-fenced parking lot supported with concrete-block wall that also fronts the east bank (!!!???). This means that a person can step off the edge of the parking lot and plunge past a few trees into the canal. The business addressed on the other side of the visible water-section has no business-name publicly displayed, but does have a property-line hedgerow that separates the premises from the west bank (!!??) of the visible canal, with a significant amount of open, grassy space between hedgerow and canal waters.

There is a heavy-metal roadside barrier at the north side of Florida Street where the water recommences containment; however, there is a line of concrete to the edge of the understreet container-tube and a man has been seen fishing there (for what, possibly multiple items).

Birds love the canal-section, and it is observably a baby-fish place.

There is a Salvation Army Office and a Department of Justice Probation Office located in a small plaza on Johnson Street not far from the U. S. Post Office, which indicates the casework management of struggling people.

Where the water seems to disappear beneath a vast stretch of asphalt and concrete business-domain structures is a flashback place, to album theme Chic Corea, album titled 'Return to Forever', because anyone small who falls into the canal can conceivably never be seen again (whether floating on his/her back to prevent drowning or not).

Sunday, March 29, 2009

touchstone culture

Not such an unusual day in Stuart, FL -- warm, slightly humid and sunny.

A walk to the supermarket reveals piles of Palm Beach Post newspapers stacked on a wire rack un-purchased, with their new higher prices printed in one corner, and semi-irate staff members semi-prowling around. The outside PBP newracks were not empty, either.

Returning to Kcc the back way, along Kingswood Terrace Road, revealed a new park designated across the street (Monterey Road traffic lanes) with a large new sign proclaiming the small cleared space to be Eagle's Nest Park. Bald Eagles have been frequenting the area, but there was no sign of any such birds today. Crows, cardinels, white wading birds, blackbirds, scrub jays, mourning doves, and an array of small brownish birds continued their presence in the riverside area.

Two three-inch dark-blue Skyy Vodka bottles decorated the berm beside the fenced retention pond, one placed very near a pile of bleached bones plus skull that appeared to originate from an oppossum. A live oppossum appeared in the front yardspace along SE Ocean Boulevard yesterday evening, and was rewarded with a handful of sunflower-seed kernels tossed into the new mulch. Further along KTR moving towards its terminus an aged 'Icehouse' brown beer bottle with rusting cap, intact and empty, was removed from the berm, as was a slightly rusted, empty BIC disposable lighter with grass-green-colored plastic case.

The fish were especially wriggly since the last time I took a walk along the south edge of Kcc beside the unfenced section of the retention pond, because I had been tossing shredded grapefruit rinds into the water that provided Vitamin C for the finny creatures and to some extent purified the water with ascorbic acid.

The walk through Kcc along the drive/roadways revealed something different than the usual toad/frogskins drying out on the asphalt, but today what appeared to be an actual corporeal frog lay headless in the road.

This past week, one of the Palm Beach TV stations broadcast a story describing how a toddler had fallen alone into the family swimming pool, but used skills learned in swimming classes to float on his back without drowning, until rescued. As I walked through Kcc today, there was no container placed outside the former chapel/shelter structure and no line drawing of a baby-over-a-bucket overtly visible in the open air to tempt fate.

Flashback to the Riverwalk docks located at the edge of the St. Lucie River in downtown Stuart, near the Stuart Heritage Museum and the south side of the Roosevelt Bridge -- one section of the docks gives a close-up view of a round, smooth and very white pebble-type rock that lies in the river muck just below the surface of the water's flow. The white rock is approximately the size and shape of an adult human skull beneath the shoreline water near the Pelican Cafe, and perhaps is used as a meeting place to signal human bones surfacing elsewhere.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


o Today's evening WPBF -TV broadcast and the www.wpbf.com website give an account of encounters within regional banks, titled 'Dirty, rotten teeth robber targets Bank of America'. The website also lists a video/story titled, 'Rabid bobcat attacks bar patrons', said to have occurred in Arizona -- the video clip shows a man at the bar who very much resembles the man shown in the bank videoclips/slideshow.

About Bank of America in Stuart, FL: there is a small branch office in Ocean View Mall, which is one of the malls previously described that has a sidewalk at one outer boundary, alongside SE Ocean Boulevard, but no sidewalk leading into the mall itself. Another Bank of Ameica branch office located near the Roosevelt Bridge at one end of SE Ocean Boulevard also has asphalt-only entryway. Asphalt pathways can be found in places such as Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA, where pedestrians must share the walkway with bicyclists and an occasional motor vehicle, but these as well as those at the mall/commercial-building locations only assure that it will be the pedestrian who is harmed if 'something wrong' happens.

o The Kcc neighbor with the tied-up bumper continues routine maintenance of the vehicle, but the front descriptor ('Palm Beach Motors') metal license-plate is now bent inward along one edge.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

more stuff in the bike lanes

Today's very brief walk to different stores on SE Ocean Boulevard here in Stuart, FL, again necessitated observation of unusual items in the new bicycle lanes.

As example, an infant pacifier device was lying in the bike lane in front of Walgreen's where traffic turns from Monterey Road onto the boulevard. A black vinyl belt obstructed the bike lane on the opposite side of the street in front of the Dunkin Donuts property-lawn; and the white plastic tip of a small 'cigarillo' was propped upon a small stone in the middle of the bike lane and was not dislodged during on-coming traffic (although a swift kick removed it from the roadway).

A crow continued to mourn, as did a white shorebird. Some lanes of traffic held cars with their front headlamps lit -- another signal of mourning among humans.

influence-networking and missing person(s)

The http://www.1490newsblog.blogspot.com/ website dated 3/21/2009 presents the article describing the "... disappearance of Damien Sharp...seven years ago...last seen... 2002 ... when he was dropped off at a Memorial Day weekend party in Warren [PA}...". The http://www.topix.net/ website has presented an article titled 'Everyone gets a piece of the pi' within the same time frame.

The Stuart News dated 11/14/2008 presented a small filler article titled, 'LCD firms plead guilty in scheme': "Three electronics firms...LG Display Company Ltd, Sharp Corporation, and Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd agreed to cooperate in an anti-trust investigation being run by the Justice Department...[about] conspiring to drive up prices for people buying computers, televisions and other LCD screens...".

Seven years is a long time to be missing. Typically, an influence network tracking/transporting people such as Sharp would counteract the effects of company investigative pressure with countermeasure accusations and entrapment "Will you...?" questions intended to shift the blame from themselves to another party -- such party perhaps drawing up paperwork to change the prices claiming demand from the marketplace as the culpable activity.

The small city of Warren, Pennsylvania, is located at the state-line threshold with New York State. A creek yet flows through it, but the water is first engaged within the Kinzua Dam Hydroelectric barrier, a dam built in violation of international tribal treaties which controls water flow at the headwaters of the Allegheny River (one of the few rivers in the world that flows inland to meet another river -- the Mississippi River -- before combined waters are discharged into oceanic seas). The city supports a number of sociopolitical businesses and institutions that give it national recognition plus.

Other activity in recent years following the disappearance of Sharp has included the planned construction of a pier in the waters below the dam that would give children a place to catch fish using hooks-and-lines near fish-hatchery areas.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

if ya can't milk 'em, ya can't join 'em

Today's www.aol.com website lists the article titled 'Komodo dragons kill man in Indonesia', describing how a man picking "sugar-apples" fell and was multiply bitten.

Flashback to childhood, while searching creature linkages originating from a tiny mucousal artifact found beneath a limestone roadside-rest/monument in the northwestern Allegheny Mountains (U. S. A.). While scanning a herd of cows in Rushford, NY, directly beside Rushford Lake, I decided to climb a large tree so as to have a panoramic view of the countryside. Not far away an old cow-pond had been transformed into a small park with benches; the cows were henceforth fenced off from access to it and received water instead from man-made troughs.

However, the main accessible limb (lowest) of the tree was located inside the cow pasture itself; the branch was thick and cows had rubbed their heads/horns on it such that its bark-covering had become slippery. While trying to hoist myself up and throw one leg over the branch, a grip could not be maintained and the breath was knocked out of my lungs when I instead fell directly onto the ground on my back.

The cows gathered in a circle around me, since trespassing had become somewhat of an issue with which they could identify (no longer 'allowed' to migrate to the old cow pond). They were familiar with guns and did not trample me, although if they had done so such injury would have been my "own fault" plus fresh steaks for many. Immobilized trying to restore my own breath, they scanned me in return and found the limestone roadside-rest/monument in my short-term memory, together with a mental blow-up of the tiny oracle-bead artifact (which features the image of a baby palm tree more than a century old at its surface).

Not seriously injured or killed, I was able to leave the pasture. The cows were routinely milked and it is apparent that the herd networked what they saw in my memory and that one of them began producing milk in such quantities that she was carried around the nation as a prize-winning representative of her kind. That one small palm-tree memory- 'speck' was used to stream into the region where the tree was found (northern CA) is the stuff of catastrophic migration documentation.

Monday, March 23, 2009


A clue to the sudden change of price for the Palm Beach Post newspaper may lie in this locally-issued telephone-directory discovery -- that three different directories list a healthcare facility located in Palm City, FL, printed two different ways. The 2008-2009 Yellow Book for Martin/St. Lucie Counties, the 2007-2008 Treasure Coast Directories for Martin/St. Lucie counties, and the nondated Verizon Yellow Pages of the Greater Treasure Coast each list the facility with two different names: 'Palm City Nursing and Rehab Care' but also 'Sovereign Healthcare of Palm City' both listed at the same address on SW Martin Highway.

Whenever a Kingswood condo complex resident is admitted, will the Palm Beach Post newspaper change its newsrack price? Stay tuned.

Friday, March 20, 2009

a bird on the lawn is followed by a bird in the bush

Walking today along SE Ocean Boulevard to get some more potting soil at (paradoxically enough) Walgreen's, (another) all-black dead crow was seen lying beneath a bush in the grassy strip that separates Milam's Market's parking lot from the sidewalk proper. Another crow called out to his dead feathered friend, while smaller birds helped steady the caller-crow.

Within the past week, the Palm Beach Post newspaper has raised its Monday - Saturday daily price from $ .50 to $ .75, without any advance notice in the local press or during TV broadcasts.

Since the introduction of a Komodo dragon into a regional zoo was covered during a Palm Beach, FL, TV broadcast within the past month, today's article offered within the www.netzero.com website is especially timely -- 'U. S. suspends aid to Madagascar'. As encyclopedias can tell us, Madagascar is the home territory of the giant lizards, within past years featured during an eye-opening TV documentary during which the creatures began following/chasing some young men with jaws big enough to suck down an arm or a head.


The atmosphere during Tropical Storm Fay here in Martin County (FL) was so unusual to me, yet familiar in a moisture-laden way, that I decided to tear articles from the stack of newspapers that give any reference to last year's weather phenomenon. Different from usual humidity, the tropical storm atmosphere was a gauze-like wetness similar in texture to a certain variety of wet snow in the north -- the former warm and the latter cold. So, using a pre-paid telephone card as the tear-mechanism, a pile of newspaper articles has quickly accumulated.

As a happenstance during article removal from overall newspaper publication, it becomes necessary to handwrite in the newspaper name/abbreviation and date upon each separate article. During copytime to make a manageable compilation, reducing wear and tear upon clippings. some of those writings become 'cut-off' at the margins, such that the handwriting seems to represent a EurAsian language.

..which brings us to the possibility that war in EurAsian territories is being prolonged among troop occupations who believe that EurAsian languages are an 'inferior' form of the American alphabet and a day-to-day joking matter within those foreign environs.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Oh yeah, and a glove was seen on one of the bridge roadways -- see also the Stuart News dated 10/31/2008, p. B1 article titled '11 arrested in car burglaries, auto thefts' describing "...some juveniles...some adults , wore gloves or socks on their hands to avoid leaving fingerprints... ."

Today a small brown bat was found beneath the fig trees on the sidewalk that extends beside Walgreen's here in northeast Stuart, FL; the creature appeared to be dead and was carefully removed to the grass. The bat was ALL-BROWN. The Hometown News dated 10/31/2008 describes 'Club's first event of the season nears', "The Brown Club of the Treasure Coast... ." The bat was perfectly intact, only dead.

About an hour ago a full-size firetruck and a medical-services truck came rolling into Kingswood condo complex; the medics snapped together a padded lift at a condo across the driveway from this one. Both truck engines were quite loud, especially the firetruck, and quite possibly an ill individual might "give up the ghost" during the time necessary to withstand the sounds of two such vehicles (someone may have dialed 911) or perhaps while wondering why a firetruck would come when there was no fire.

Monday, March 16, 2009

more literal misappropriations

Today was another hike across two bridges to Stuart Beach -- after all, a number of people have been reported to be missing at sea from cities not terribly far from Martin County, FL.

Crossing bridge #1 (always #1 because closest to this Kingswood condo complex) south side, a hypodermic syringe was the first unusual thing observed on the walkway; then brown broken glass washed from its sweeping place within roadway-wall conduits onto the walkway (as predicted) during last week's rain. A number of single socks were also seen in the roadway, preceded by a small towel on the walkway, while moving eastward toward the ocean. A white 'Rubbermaid' brand extra-tough/large container has been set near one set of benches and holds trash discards.

Walking over the bridge that extends to/from Sewall's Point to Hutchinson Island, more broken beer-bottle glass seen in the roadway (far from the family broom) and whole (!) but empty bottles alongside the sidewalk leading to the beach. The sidewalk also leads to a variety of other places, including a fire-rescue station, Sunoco service station/convenience store, a large 'For Lease' house, the Oceanographic Institute, the Elliott Museum, and a Publix (!!) market, as well as a Marriott Hotel and various club condo complexes.

The few hours at the beach were uneventful, and a stop-in at the Elliott Museum to inquire about a recently-published book titled 'The Indian River Lagoon' revealed that the book case near the entry/exit doorway had been moved. Not wanting to pay the entry fee to browse the museum-store book selections, a brief stop at Publix Market was also a small backpack load of dainties for dinner. The sidewalk leading to the lagoon bridge also featured a crushed green Heineken bottle in the grass alongside it.

The north side of the longer bridge over the Indian River lagoon, moving westward, was littered with clear broken glass in small pieces, lined up within the crevice between outside bridge railing and concrete walkway, glittering and sparkling plenty along a significant stretch of the bridge length. The East Island is observable beneath the bridge, but accessible from the south side. At one point, the bridge's roadway wall features four rusting large bolts protruding over the walkway from its concrete composition, without much reason at all and without some kind of cover.

The return to Sewall's Point and the shorter bridge over the St. Lucie River revealed a metal bolt in the bike lane plus a few other kickable items, moving east past the Harbour Bay Plaza. Two pieces of excrement ("peaces of shi't', to use ethnic slang) were encountered upon the northside walkway both when entering and leaving that bridge over the Okeechobee Waterway, as well as an empty small Cheetos bag where that northside walkway merges onto a sidewalk at St. Lucie Boulevard on the mainland (such as it is) once again. Two small leafy plant stalks can be seen growing from the crevice formed where the walkway and the roadside wall meet, in two different places. A black tub holding food-/drink-container discards was placed beside a set of benches, approximately across the bridge roadway from the new placement of the Rubbermaid barrel-type container (both new container placements claim space at bench locations).

Sometimes, the St. Lucie River seems to flow backwards beneath its bridge, meaning northward away from the ocean rather than flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.

Members of the Reyes family continue to be killed in California and Caribbean environs -- a Palm Beach TV newscast showed a video footage of a pedestrian death scene in a different city south from this locale, where a perfect shoe and a snack bag were lying in the roadway (as posted within Miami Topix.net Internet entries as well).

Sunday, March 15, 2009

reflections of past AND present

More empty beer bottles have been discarded on the berm beside Cedar Pointe Plaza here in Stuart, FL, indicating a possible intent to position impromptu refletors as a discard-mentality (same as in the multi-bridged Ridgeway, Pennsylvania).

Dollar General addressed in that Plaza is presenting yet another sweepstakes printed up -- the third this summer. The first was initiated using short-term memories of 'Jobe' brand plant stakes absorbed together with the mental-image of a broom standing in the back corner of the store, such combo transmitted one aftenoon as if it was some necessary mental linkage. The most recent 'contest' is patterned after others operational in the region (e.g., Walgreen's, Milam's market) that give a toll-free number and/or website printed on the receipt to call and complete a survey, which makes the participant eligible to win cash/other prizes.

Such occult networking can be a real bonanza or a real downfall, depending upon the private beliefs of the ersatz 'sponsors'.

The personal travails of various women named 'Cindy' can also be attributed to occult networking, as example, manifested within telephone records.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

way down south on Dixie Highway

Yesterday was an optimum day, weatherwise, in Martin County, FL -- the sun was hot but the air was dry, lacking the usual sub-tropical humidity that makes walking/hiking sweaty and uncomfortable.

While walking to the weekend B&A flea market area off Indian Street, quite a number of beer bottles were encountered--some intact but many broken. The YMCA area on Monterey Road held four broken brown BudLight bottles plus one very hot in-the-sand broken/crushed green Heineken bottle. No one was outside nursing the dry patches of grass within the YMCA grounds.

The walk to the Martin County Book Depot per their new days-'n'-hours of operation was about the same as other times walking through that city area--a number of bicyclists on the sidewalk and those the same people as encountered during previous ventures. One of three young women on the sidewalk beside the MC school bus garages/parking lot may have been represented in an evening missing-person TV broadcast. The bike lane contained yet again small items such as (more) metal bolts, flattened aluminum cans, some glass, metal bottle-caps, parts from handheld electronics, and various other items (e.g., chicken bones) easily kicked from roadway onto berm.

The MC Book Depot has an impressive array of used books (in flea market setting) and I quickly found books to purchase before the noon closing time, including a 'free' newsletter titled 'Health Letter' from the Public Citizen Health Research Group. The newsletter outlined various product recall efforts including manufactured-drug recalls and also other 'consumer products' recalls. Among the latter listings was printed a warning that stated "The top of the Deda Forza Bicycle Handlebar Stems can crack and cause rider to lose control, posing a crash hazard. Deda Elementi ... http://www.dedaelementi.com/." This entry appears to describe an Italian firm; an Internet article posted at http://www.cyclingnews.com/ describes Lance Armstrong in 'Armstrong Back to Diligent Reconnaissance' and his plans to observe an Italian bicycle race scheduled before this year's Tour-de-France race.

Perhaps Armstrong/'Brasforte' plans to hang out some kind of Sports Detective shingle, con-commitant with the FDA approval of various 'shingles' drug treatments to be routed into medical marketplaces. See http://www.topix.net/ 'Sports' section to participate in a poll asking, "Should Lance Armstrong be polygraphed?"

Evening journalism content broadcast from Palm Beach, FL, TV stations also included a store surveillance video clip showing three deer which were run into a liquor store where they struggled among shelved bottles and the cashier station.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

word of mouth

Somewhere someone surely has already documented the French translation of competitive bicyclist Lance Armstrong's name -- the translation is 'Brasforte', giving the cyclist the psychological advantage of many different contemporary interpretations.

An Alliance Francaise membership is not necessary to figure this out, since public-school French classwork will easily enable such winning translation and applicable interpretations.

continuing from the past

o During one past week, a brown Coors beer bottle (and a brown coppertone penny) was found broken in the curbside roadway directly in front of Ocean Palms retirement residence, no doubt frightening at least some residents in the area a teensy bit. Whenever I see these discarded containers, whether metal or glass, I flashback to a ride on the Muni-Metro train in San Francisco, CA, years ago, after leaving the CA State Library on Winston Avenue near Stonestown Mall at the city's boundary with Daly City -- two (then-)youths sitting on the seat across the aisle from where I was seated were recognizable as fellow students from one of my daughter's local assigned-school enrollments.

When the sliding entryway door opened at West Portal station the young man seated on that end seat hurled an aluminum can through the door and onto the train platform (missing competely the interior of my backpack, within which I was often publicly seen to be toting recyclables to the HANC (Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood Council) recycling center behind Kezar Stadium near Golden Gate Park). Now I flashback to the recycling center, where one afternoon another young man was seen to begin hurtling and smashing glass bottles within a large metal transport container as I made my way to the cashback redemption office -- now I also flashback to the Canal Point Park here near Port Mayaca in Florida and 'gator crossing made hazardous to all species with a shrapnel-like line of shoreline broken glass, an action apparently intended to shield the picnic area.

o Also observed during the timeframe of the Martin County Fair was a use of asphalt to patch a sidewalk beside the Dixie Highway.

o Towards the end of last year, the Stuart News reported a schooltime incident when one youngster was alleged to have carried a gun into the premises within a backpack, aiming at a wall; and that the gun subsequently could not be found and may have been tossed into a canal.

o Also with regard to the junk-art 'torso' near the end of Kingswood Terrace Road, the location is very near the Witham Airport and the overhead sightings may be affecting the performance (including emissions, as per complaint printed up as a 'Letter to the Editor' within the Stuart News end of last year) of aircraft moving to and from the region.

o Seen within the Martin Memorial Thrift Shop, a copy of the book titled, 'Hate Mail from Cheerleaders' securely protected behind the glass doors of a cabinet.

o The local Yellow Pages telephone directory has a 'Rabies Control' listing printed with all other Martin County Government listings, perhaps indicative of health phenomena that can be associated with the incidence of 'winterers' and 'snowbirds' who come into the area from the north each year. The Stuart News in the past described a young girl (named 'Stover', of candymaking fame) who was bit on the foot by a rabid fox, then grabbed and destroyed.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


o During notetaking from stacks of piled 'Stuart News' (Florida) newspapers from 2008 I came across an ad published in the 9/26/2008 issue: "$CASH REWARD$, Woman's Gold President's Rolex-Diamond Bezel-Blue Face" + telephone number + "(NO QUESTIONS)".

Did I mention that the torso junk-art installation beside the retaining pond dam at the end of the sandy trail leading from the end of Kingswood Terrace Road also has two sky-blue-colored containers the size of gasoline cans, which appear to represent big blue eyes lying in the strawlike grass over the two PET gallon jugs and bottoms-up sink?

o Our tattered flag, fibers no doubt weakened during the steady rain downpour and prevailing wind of Tropical Storm Fay, now slowly unfurls as ribbons of striped fabric in the breeze near the SE Ocean Boulevard entrance to Kingswood condo complex.

o A crashing sound in the dark early morning, assumed to be yet another car banging into the center median of SE Ocean Boulevard at the curve moving traffic over the bridge spanning the St. Lucie River, was instead revealed to be a black late-model motorcycle literally broken up in the roadway, with motorcycle-suit-'n'-helmet attired rider/driver laying stunned on the asphalt. Two people in a light-blue pickup truck stopped in the roadway to warn traffic away from the victim; then a lime-colored medical services truck arrived together with a lime-colored full-size firetruck and at least a half dozen police patrol cars with flashing lights. It was daylight when the roadway was completely clear again.

One of the condo complex streetlamps had a flashing bulb in the nighttime that was annoying, to say the least, with its strobelike effects upon Kcc residents and neighboring Ocean Palms residents trying to sleep.

o Suddenly, the Martin County Book Depot at the B&A Flea Market has expanded hours of operation to include Wednesday and Friday mornings. The Flea Market is usually open in toto only Saturdays and Sundays. Discovery was made in the Blake Library, while perusing the handouts section.

o Both the Stuart News and Palm Beach Post newspapers reveal that members of the King family continued to be killed in the southern United States, whether blue-eyed or brown-eyed.
One story published in an October issue of the Stuart News describes an eight-year-old Port St. Lucie girl surnamed 'King' who suffers from "a rare form of dwarfism...short stature and skeletal irregularities".

Sad to say, the facts may be that U. S. Presidents are elected so that their diets may be revealed and appropriated for the overall population at large -- not such a noble purpose.