Tuesday, March 31, 2009

overlying the Florida Street canal

The stretch of U. S. 1 between Johnson Street and Monterey Road in Stuart, FL, is populated with business-domain hotels/motels, shopping plazas, restaurants, and vehicular motor-vehicle sales/services.

The 'Holiday Mobile Park' is located very near the yet-visible section of a canal accessible from Florida Street, and consists of older full-size mobile-home trailers made semi-permanent with corrugated sheet-metal placed to protect the bases. The entire Park appears to have been uniformly coated with white paint, to reflect heat from both weather conditions and heat-radiating asphalt that has been poured to form business-premises and plazas all around.

Plazas appear to have been upgraded after the hurricanes of 2004; within many, the names of individual stores are much more prominently displayed than plaza names.

One such plaza is titled "Plantation Plaza'. The Stuart News dated 10/14/2008 gives us the front-page article titled, 'Developers have plans for West Martin land', "...51 20-acre lots in the Port Mayaca Plantation...and plans for 18 more...near Lake Okeechobee...". What all the new "settlers" are going to eat and how they are going to use their energy is not made clear, since the Plantation itself will be dominated with lifestyle housing. Building homes and housing complexes so as to just pull-out-and-eat 'gators and other fearsome-looking reptiles as if they are another form of fish can have serious debilitating consequences already documented in terms of disease and individual calamity.

One canal park located offroad from a rural route to and from Lake Okeechobee has posted a sign that warns park users that "alligators cannot be tamed", which invites brutal wildlife management practices directed toward the semi-aquatic creatures especially on private property. That 'Christians' might be installed within any given housing development as a nod towards requirements to have a balance of nature (keyword 'prosperity') will not guarantee optimum health or immunity of the human populations in the FL region.

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