Thursday, March 12, 2009

way down south on Dixie Highway

Yesterday was an optimum day, weatherwise, in Martin County, FL -- the sun was hot but the air was dry, lacking the usual sub-tropical humidity that makes walking/hiking sweaty and uncomfortable.

While walking to the weekend B&A flea market area off Indian Street, quite a number of beer bottles were encountered--some intact but many broken. The YMCA area on Monterey Road held four broken brown BudLight bottles plus one very hot in-the-sand broken/crushed green Heineken bottle. No one was outside nursing the dry patches of grass within the YMCA grounds.

The walk to the Martin County Book Depot per their new days-'n'-hours of operation was about the same as other times walking through that city area--a number of bicyclists on the sidewalk and those the same people as encountered during previous ventures. One of three young women on the sidewalk beside the MC school bus garages/parking lot may have been represented in an evening missing-person TV broadcast. The bike lane contained yet again small items such as (more) metal bolts, flattened aluminum cans, some glass, metal bottle-caps, parts from handheld electronics, and various other items (e.g., chicken bones) easily kicked from roadway onto berm.

The MC Book Depot has an impressive array of used books (in flea market setting) and I quickly found books to purchase before the noon closing time, including a 'free' newsletter titled 'Health Letter' from the Public Citizen Health Research Group. The newsletter outlined various product recall efforts including manufactured-drug recalls and also other 'consumer products' recalls. Among the latter listings was printed a warning that stated "The top of the Deda Forza Bicycle Handlebar Stems can crack and cause rider to lose control, posing a crash hazard. Deda Elementi ..." This entry appears to describe an Italian firm; an Internet article posted at describes Lance Armstrong in 'Armstrong Back to Diligent Reconnaissance' and his plans to observe an Italian bicycle race scheduled before this year's Tour-de-France race.

Perhaps Armstrong/'Brasforte' plans to hang out some kind of Sports Detective shingle, con-commitant with the FDA approval of various 'shingles' drug treatments to be routed into medical marketplaces. See 'Sports' section to participate in a poll asking, "Should Lance Armstrong be polygraphed?"

Evening journalism content broadcast from Palm Beach, FL, TV stations also included a store surveillance video clip showing three deer which were run into a liquor store where they struggled among shelved bottles and the cashier station.

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