Thursday, March 26, 2009


o Today's evening WPBF -TV broadcast and the website give an account of encounters within regional banks, titled 'Dirty, rotten teeth robber targets Bank of America'. The website also lists a video/story titled, 'Rabid bobcat attacks bar patrons', said to have occurred in Arizona -- the video clip shows a man at the bar who very much resembles the man shown in the bank videoclips/slideshow.

About Bank of America in Stuart, FL: there is a small branch office in Ocean View Mall, which is one of the malls previously described that has a sidewalk at one outer boundary, alongside SE Ocean Boulevard, but no sidewalk leading into the mall itself. Another Bank of Ameica branch office located near the Roosevelt Bridge at one end of SE Ocean Boulevard also has asphalt-only entryway. Asphalt pathways can be found in places such as Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA, where pedestrians must share the walkway with bicyclists and an occasional motor vehicle, but these as well as those at the mall/commercial-building locations only assure that it will be the pedestrian who is harmed if 'something wrong' happens.

o The Kcc neighbor with the tied-up bumper continues routine maintenance of the vehicle, but the front descriptor ('Palm Beach Motors') metal license-plate is now bent inward along one edge.

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