Monday, March 16, 2009

more literal misappropriations

Today was another hike across two bridges to Stuart Beach -- after all, a number of people have been reported to be missing at sea from cities not terribly far from Martin County, FL.

Crossing bridge #1 (always #1 because closest to this Kingswood condo complex) south side, a hypodermic syringe was the first unusual thing observed on the walkway; then brown broken glass washed from its sweeping place within roadway-wall conduits onto the walkway (as predicted) during last week's rain. A number of single socks were also seen in the roadway, preceded by a small towel on the walkway, while moving eastward toward the ocean. A white 'Rubbermaid' brand extra-tough/large container has been set near one set of benches and holds trash discards.

Walking over the bridge that extends to/from Sewall's Point to Hutchinson Island, more broken beer-bottle glass seen in the roadway (far from the family broom) and whole (!) but empty bottles alongside the sidewalk leading to the beach. The sidewalk also leads to a variety of other places, including a fire-rescue station, Sunoco service station/convenience store, a large 'For Lease' house, the Oceanographic Institute, the Elliott Museum, and a Publix (!!) market, as well as a Marriott Hotel and various club condo complexes.

The few hours at the beach were uneventful, and a stop-in at the Elliott Museum to inquire about a recently-published book titled 'The Indian River Lagoon' revealed that the book case near the entry/exit doorway had been moved. Not wanting to pay the entry fee to browse the museum-store book selections, a brief stop at Publix Market was also a small backpack load of dainties for dinner. The sidewalk leading to the lagoon bridge also featured a crushed green Heineken bottle in the grass alongside it.

The north side of the longer bridge over the Indian River lagoon, moving westward, was littered with clear broken glass in small pieces, lined up within the crevice between outside bridge railing and concrete walkway, glittering and sparkling plenty along a significant stretch of the bridge length. The East Island is observable beneath the bridge, but accessible from the south side. At one point, the bridge's roadway wall features four rusting large bolts protruding over the walkway from its concrete composition, without much reason at all and without some kind of cover.

The return to Sewall's Point and the shorter bridge over the St. Lucie River revealed a metal bolt in the bike lane plus a few other kickable items, moving east past the Harbour Bay Plaza. Two pieces of excrement ("peaces of shi't', to use ethnic slang) were encountered upon the northside walkway both when entering and leaving that bridge over the Okeechobee Waterway, as well as an empty small Cheetos bag where that northside walkway merges onto a sidewalk at St. Lucie Boulevard on the mainland (such as it is) once again. Two small leafy plant stalks can be seen growing from the crevice formed where the walkway and the roadside wall meet, in two different places. A black tub holding food-/drink-container discards was placed beside a set of benches, approximately across the bridge roadway from the new placement of the Rubbermaid barrel-type container (both new container placements claim space at bench locations).

Sometimes, the St. Lucie River seems to flow backwards beneath its bridge, meaning northward away from the ocean rather than flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.

Members of the Reyes family continue to be killed in California and Caribbean environs -- a Palm Beach TV newscast showed a video footage of a pedestrian death scene in a different city south from this locale, where a perfect shoe and a snack bag were lying in the roadway (as posted within Miami Internet entries as well).

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