Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Oh yeah, and a glove was seen on one of the bridge roadways -- see also the Stuart News dated 10/31/2008, p. B1 article titled '11 arrested in car burglaries, auto thefts' describing "...some juveniles...some adults , wore gloves or socks on their hands to avoid leaving fingerprints... ."

Today a small brown bat was found beneath the fig trees on the sidewalk that extends beside Walgreen's here in northeast Stuart, FL; the creature appeared to be dead and was carefully removed to the grass. The bat was ALL-BROWN. The Hometown News dated 10/31/2008 describes 'Club's first event of the season nears', "The Brown Club of the Treasure Coast... ." The bat was perfectly intact, only dead.

About an hour ago a full-size firetruck and a medical-services truck came rolling into Kingswood condo complex; the medics snapped together a padded lift at a condo across the driveway from this one. Both truck engines were quite loud, especially the firetruck, and quite possibly an ill individual might "give up the ghost" during the time necessary to withstand the sounds of two such vehicles (someone may have dialed 911) or perhaps while wondering why a firetruck would come when there was no fire.

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