Tuesday, March 10, 2009

continuing from the past

o During one past week, a brown Coors beer bottle (and a brown coppertone penny) was found broken in the curbside roadway directly in front of Ocean Palms retirement residence, no doubt frightening at least some residents in the area a teensy bit. Whenever I see these discarded containers, whether metal or glass, I flashback to a ride on the Muni-Metro train in San Francisco, CA, years ago, after leaving the CA State Library on Winston Avenue near Stonestown Mall at the city's boundary with Daly City -- two (then-)youths sitting on the seat across the aisle from where I was seated were recognizable as fellow students from one of my daughter's local assigned-school enrollments.

When the sliding entryway door opened at West Portal station the young man seated on that end seat hurled an aluminum can through the door and onto the train platform (missing competely the interior of my backpack, within which I was often publicly seen to be toting recyclables to the HANC (Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood Council) recycling center behind Kezar Stadium near Golden Gate Park). Now I flashback to the recycling center, where one afternoon another young man was seen to begin hurtling and smashing glass bottles within a large metal transport container as I made my way to the cashback redemption office -- now I also flashback to the Canal Point Park here near Port Mayaca in Florida and 'gator crossing made hazardous to all species with a shrapnel-like line of shoreline broken glass, an action apparently intended to shield the picnic area.

o Also observed during the timeframe of the Martin County Fair was a use of asphalt to patch a sidewalk beside the Dixie Highway.

o Towards the end of last year, the Stuart News reported a schooltime incident when one youngster was alleged to have carried a gun into the premises within a backpack, aiming at a wall; and that the gun subsequently could not be found and may have been tossed into a canal.

o Also with regard to the junk-art 'torso' near the end of Kingswood Terrace Road, the location is very near the Witham Airport and the overhead sightings may be affecting the performance (including emissions, as per complaint printed up as a 'Letter to the Editor' within the Stuart News end of last year) of aircraft moving to and from the region.

o Seen within the Martin Memorial Thrift Shop, a copy of the book titled, 'Hate Mail from Cheerleaders' securely protected behind the glass doors of a cabinet.

o The local Yellow Pages telephone directory has a 'Rabies Control' listing printed with all other Martin County Government listings, perhaps indicative of health phenomena that can be associated with the incidence of 'winterers' and 'snowbirds' who come into the area from the north each year. The Stuart News in the past described a young girl (named 'Stover', of candymaking fame) who was bit on the foot by a rabid fox, then grabbed and destroyed.

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