Tuesday, March 24, 2009

if ya can't milk 'em, ya can't join 'em

Today's www.aol.com website lists the article titled 'Komodo dragons kill man in Indonesia', describing how a man picking "sugar-apples" fell and was multiply bitten.

Flashback to childhood, while searching creature linkages originating from a tiny mucousal artifact found beneath a limestone roadside-rest/monument in the northwestern Allegheny Mountains (U. S. A.). While scanning a herd of cows in Rushford, NY, directly beside Rushford Lake, I decided to climb a large tree so as to have a panoramic view of the countryside. Not far away an old cow-pond had been transformed into a small park with benches; the cows were henceforth fenced off from access to it and received water instead from man-made troughs.

However, the main accessible limb (lowest) of the tree was located inside the cow pasture itself; the branch was thick and cows had rubbed their heads/horns on it such that its bark-covering had become slippery. While trying to hoist myself up and throw one leg over the branch, a grip could not be maintained and the breath was knocked out of my lungs when I instead fell directly onto the ground on my back.

The cows gathered in a circle around me, since trespassing had become somewhat of an issue with which they could identify (no longer 'allowed' to migrate to the old cow pond). They were familiar with guns and did not trample me, although if they had done so such injury would have been my "own fault" plus fresh steaks for many. Immobilized trying to restore my own breath, they scanned me in return and found the limestone roadside-rest/monument in my short-term memory, together with a mental blow-up of the tiny oracle-bead artifact (which features the image of a baby palm tree more than a century old at its surface).

Not seriously injured or killed, I was able to leave the pasture. The cows were routinely milked and it is apparent that the herd networked what they saw in my memory and that one of them began producing milk in such quantities that she was carried around the nation as a prize-winning representative of her kind. That one small palm-tree memory- 'speck' was used to stream into the region where the tree was found (northern CA) is the stuff of catastrophic migration documentation.

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