Sunday, March 15, 2009

reflections of past AND present

More empty beer bottles have been discarded on the berm beside Cedar Pointe Plaza here in Stuart, FL, indicating a possible intent to position impromptu refletors as a discard-mentality (same as in the multi-bridged Ridgeway, Pennsylvania).

Dollar General addressed in that Plaza is presenting yet another sweepstakes printed up -- the third this summer. The first was initiated using short-term memories of 'Jobe' brand plant stakes absorbed together with the mental-image of a broom standing in the back corner of the store, such combo transmitted one aftenoon as if it was some necessary mental linkage. The most recent 'contest' is patterned after others operational in the region (e.g., Walgreen's, Milam's market) that give a toll-free number and/or website printed on the receipt to call and complete a survey, which makes the participant eligible to win cash/other prizes.

Such occult networking can be a real bonanza or a real downfall, depending upon the private beliefs of the ersatz 'sponsors'.

The personal travails of various women named 'Cindy' can also be attributed to occult networking, as example, manifested within telephone records.

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