Friday, March 20, 2009

a bird on the lawn is followed by a bird in the bush

Walking today along SE Ocean Boulevard to get some more potting soil at (paradoxically enough) Walgreen's, (another) all-black dead crow was seen lying beneath a bush in the grassy strip that separates Milam's Market's parking lot from the sidewalk proper. Another crow called out to his dead feathered friend, while smaller birds helped steady the caller-crow.

Within the past week, the Palm Beach Post newspaper has raised its Monday - Saturday daily price from $ .50 to $ .75, without any advance notice in the local press or during TV broadcasts.

Since the introduction of a Komodo dragon into a regional zoo was covered during a Palm Beach, FL, TV broadcast within the past month, today's article offered within the website is especially timely -- 'U. S. suspends aid to Madagascar'. As encyclopedias can tell us, Madagascar is the home territory of the giant lizards, within past years featured during an eye-opening TV documentary during which the creatures began following/chasing some young men with jaws big enough to suck down an arm or a head.

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