Saturday, March 7, 2009


o During notetaking from stacks of piled 'Stuart News' (Florida) newspapers from 2008 I came across an ad published in the 9/26/2008 issue: "$CASH REWARD$, Woman's Gold President's Rolex-Diamond Bezel-Blue Face" + telephone number + "(NO QUESTIONS)".

Did I mention that the torso junk-art installation beside the retaining pond dam at the end of the sandy trail leading from the end of Kingswood Terrace Road also has two sky-blue-colored containers the size of gasoline cans, which appear to represent big blue eyes lying in the strawlike grass over the two PET gallon jugs and bottoms-up sink?

o Our tattered flag, fibers no doubt weakened during the steady rain downpour and prevailing wind of Tropical Storm Fay, now slowly unfurls as ribbons of striped fabric in the breeze near the SE Ocean Boulevard entrance to Kingswood condo complex.

o A crashing sound in the dark early morning, assumed to be yet another car banging into the center median of SE Ocean Boulevard at the curve moving traffic over the bridge spanning the St. Lucie River, was instead revealed to be a black late-model motorcycle literally broken up in the roadway, with motorcycle-suit-'n'-helmet attired rider/driver laying stunned on the asphalt. Two people in a light-blue pickup truck stopped in the roadway to warn traffic away from the victim; then a lime-colored medical services truck arrived together with a lime-colored full-size firetruck and at least a half dozen police patrol cars with flashing lights. It was daylight when the roadway was completely clear again.

One of the condo complex streetlamps had a flashing bulb in the nighttime that was annoying, to say the least, with its strobelike effects upon Kcc residents and neighboring Ocean Palms residents trying to sleep.

o Suddenly, the Martin County Book Depot at the B&A Flea Market has expanded hours of operation to include Wednesday and Friday mornings. The Flea Market is usually open in toto only Saturdays and Sundays. Discovery was made in the Blake Library, while perusing the handouts section.

o Both the Stuart News and Palm Beach Post newspapers reveal that members of the King family continued to be killed in the southern United States, whether blue-eyed or brown-eyed.
One story published in an October issue of the Stuart News describes an eight-year-old Port St. Lucie girl surnamed 'King' who suffers from "a rare form of dwarfism...short stature and skeletal irregularities".

Sad to say, the facts may be that U. S. Presidents are elected so that their diets may be revealed and appropriated for the overall population at large -- not such a noble purpose.

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