Friday, March 20, 2009


The atmosphere during Tropical Storm Fay here in Martin County (FL) was so unusual to me, yet familiar in a moisture-laden way, that I decided to tear articles from the stack of newspapers that give any reference to last year's weather phenomenon. Different from usual humidity, the tropical storm atmosphere was a gauze-like wetness similar in texture to a certain variety of wet snow in the north -- the former warm and the latter cold. So, using a pre-paid telephone card as the tear-mechanism, a pile of newspaper articles has quickly accumulated.

As a happenstance during article removal from overall newspaper publication, it becomes necessary to handwrite in the newspaper name/abbreviation and date upon each separate article. During copytime to make a manageable compilation, reducing wear and tear upon clippings. some of those writings become 'cut-off' at the margins, such that the handwriting seems to represent a EurAsian language.

..which brings us to the possibility that war in EurAsian territories is being prolonged among troop occupations who believe that EurAsian languages are an 'inferior' form of the American alphabet and a day-to-day joking matter within those foreign environs.

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