Saturday, June 6, 2009

worser and worser

Years ago, while attempting to obtain a PC in San Francisco, CA, to begin data-storage and -sending activities with regard to a number of back-logged legal issues, a nearby business was gracious enough to lend me their PC seen standing idle many hours daily through the window of their janitorial service. As the result from a number of other issues already addressable with plain-paper fax transmissions (such as public-school overcrowding), my daughter was graciously carried to fast-food restaurants and other outings as deemed necessary -- in a late-model automobile with features many desired, a family car that eventually was routed through a row of windows into a empty day-care center located in downtown San Francisco during different driving use. The beautiful blue car was literally patched with metal and other materials, and came to resemble a crazy-quilt. I did return the PC, which was used among others including a relative of the business-owner, who entered through the fire-escape to use it while I was sleeping in the daytime.

Only a few weeks ago, the Basingstoke Gazette reported that a Rolls Royce smashed through the windows of a Tesco supermarket, injuring a few customers. The same website also reported that the 'Supertot 2009' competition was again planned in Andover and scheduled as a sort of talent contest for toddlers and their parents (UK).

Today, the worst has indeed happened -- a fire in a day-care center located in a Mexican warehouse that spread from an other nearby car-and-tire warehouse ( The converted warehouse in Mexico City had a few windows placed high above the floor; the classrooms had no windows and one father smashed his car through a wall to open the place up so children could be pulled out.

Only a few weeks ago, I thought about (re-)posting the UK website articles that described the supermarket windows-smash together with the Super-Tot competition planned but just couldn't pull a rationale summary together without dreading a logics challenge. After reading the Mexico City horror story, however, perhaps the reportage should have been presented anyway as a potentially preventative measure (and behavior-pattern warning) as was intended.

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