Wednesday, June 17, 2009

while you were killing -- 'fishes forever'

Recently a United States warship was sunk here in the waters off the state of Florida, where the supply of fish seems to be as endless as the demises and cuisines planned for them. Routine killing of 'gators that grow longer than a certain specific length is thought to augment efforts to genetically manage the species such that they do not grow much longer than the average man. With regard to the vast amounts of water in the subtropical region, more human excrement ('poops') in that context means more land-mass, with significant numbers of Italian-heritage troop members relocated as if that experience will help altogether establish humans in Florida (where, however, humans have always ranged).

Apparently, however, the mentality has been extended to people thought to breed in the way other animals breed -- a twin named 'Morales' has been shot by a police officer in St. Lucie County, in his own bedroom.

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