Tuesday, June 30, 2009

not a surprise, really

Huh! here using my father's PC terminal (a businessman), no trouble at all using Topix.net or the other blocked website, http://www.wesb.com/ (a northwest PA radio-station website). Having searched a bit through the various keywords 'Bradford, PA' (my hometown) websites listed in the ISP overture, http://www.talkaboutbradford.com/ forum states that it will not accept 'free' e-mail service communications (such as AOL free e-mail). Why worry about 'Bradford'? -- 'will kill will travel' school history textbook accounts of the early European in North America.

Some 'Jacksons' have rented a condo here in Kcc, and very recently my father appears to have adopted a 'Jackson'-theme user name, as continuance of a 'Jack'-theme business name -- to use TalkAbout Bradford website, he'll pay and pay and pay. Click -- photo of the new user name.

As follow-up to the 'Truth in Advertising' laws enacted during a past decade, testimonies from various performers about the inner workings of the entertainment industry were expected to be thoughtfully and safely scheduled. Instead, as example, the elder James Brown is dead without testimony and now so is middle-aged Michael Jackson (thankfully, not outright ripped apart), while the RIAA uses a "best defense is a good offense" tactic to target Internet file-sharers acquiring music downloads so as to determine just what kind of performances entertainment stage-shows are and will be that yet lack 'TIA' compliance to give performance-type keywords during any staged music-show (including military, who routinely perform 'rendition's as one key word).

In addition, there are/have been other Michael Jacksons numbered among the United States citizenry, as well as 'faux Jacksons' who have participated in demand-call influence-networking to gain 'access' to the Jackson family. In Bradford, PA, there is a main thoroughfare known as Jackson Avenue within that northwestern PA region where oil refinery installations generate a specific type of temperment.

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