Friday, June 26, 2009

purple piles become more dense

Whoa! It's a walkaround moment near the northeast Stuart (FL) Walgreens, waiting for traffic to clear from the roadway so as to walk around piles of small and tiny figs staining the area purple....which reminds of a book titled The Withered Fig.

Years ago in San Francisco, California, a vinelike tree-trunk twisted itself skyward from an area located beside housing addressed at the corner of Masonic Avenue and Grove Street. A concrete driveway and sidewalks had ultimately surrounded it; its top and any branches once growing had been broken or lopped off. No shoots had yet sprung green from the remains. A tree growing nearby, however, continued to produce comfrey buds that could be gathered to make tea.

One day a pedestrian carrying a load of groceries was surprised by a classroom of children walking around the corner with teacher and aide from New Traditions Elementary School up the hill northward on Grove Street; the kids sauntered downhill and swung around the corner such that one young boy was bumped with a bath-tissue package purchase while negotiating space near the defoliated vinelike tree. Rather than a logical attempt to cultivate the tree so near the University of California campus -- fertilizer or other remedies -- the landmark twist was suddenly cut flush with the ground and covered with concrete, a shocking act to all those who had grown up with the 'withered' tree generation after generation on the water-surrounded peninsula near Golden Gate Park.

At the beginning of this week a man in his age-70s was found shot and dead in Fort Pierce, FL, not far from here, near one of that city's school campuses; among those born or sometime residing in San Francisco, CA, environs, the feeling of shock was similar. Local journalism presented the viewpoint that the man had shot himself, and a photograph of a gun was displayed within Internet website accounts.

P. S. Now the pedestrian only purchases bath tissue using Walgreens coupons.

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