Saturday, June 6, 2009

Unhappy Hominids (continued) viz-a-viz recordings

The website continues to post updates to the Jammie Thomas law-court proceedings with regard to accusations that she has abused Internet file-sharing services. Judging from the widespread damage that a telephone call-demand influence-network has been 'brokering', quite a number of Thomas's are being affected with queries that can be surmised to disqualify them or not from a biographical inquisition strategy.

Context: the University of Pittsburgh campus was installed in Bradford, PA, in the 1960s+ as response to a simple family dinner-table query about archaeologist consultation possibilities. Marvin Thomas, a history professor, joined the faculty and was given verbal information about a tiny mucousal history-bead artifact (oracle-bead chronicle) located in the nearby village of Degolia, PA, beneath a limestone roadside-rest monument.

Because the oracle-bead artifact holds a surface-image showing a historical palm-tree growing in Golden Gate Park with the city-limits of peninsular San Francisco, CA, I had been attempting to report the discovery within church settings to no avail -- the church-service time was tightly scheduled. A switch from family Presbyterian Church to Methodist Church across the street was grounds to isolate me (since I didn't seem to want/need sanctuary) such that I also appeared to change religious affiliation and 'join' the latter, trying time and time again to approach clergy and describe the artifact discovery, even during evening confirmation classes.

A drive to San Francisco, CA, so as to verify the existence of the 'special' palm tree (indeed, a tall-grown tree yet identifiable as a memory-use of the baby-tree image viewable at the surface of the oracle-bead artifact), occasioned my further identification and isolation. A Deep-South cadre of so-called Negroes was embedded in the peninsula environs, following a scramble to claim territory near the 'special' palm-tree when the mental-image was transmitted from the Methodist Church (to and then from a Murphy, such that aging military ordnance in the region did/could become an ongoing arguable issue among those focused quite specifically upon the found tree).

James Thomas, hailing from the Deep South, was in residence; a hitchhiker from Louisiana also settled-in the city proper. Most recently, a Thomas youth was shot and died by a friend using a police officer's gun taken from a patrol car here in Florida (so reported the Stuart News). Jammie Thomas has been made the subject of a lawsuit that should address the fact, first and foremost, that she has been led "down the primrose path", so to speak, into file-sharing activity and then into a courtroom as a named defendant. Another Thomas was jailed in the Deep South quite a number of years ago as an action that seems indefensible.

This month an archaeologist surnamed Thomas has surfaced, so to speak, to present written findings through the Internet that describe a cache of beads found in a cemetery on a Georgia island. "Curioser and curiouser", as Lewis Carroll was wont to say, since the oracle-bead artifact found in the PA roadside-rest area (suddenly converted to cemetery use there in Degolia, decades ago) is definitely not a hand-out, although the Georgia bead-piles might be so construed.

So why hasn't the archaeologist Thomas been called in to observe and prepare a report about the oracle-bead artifact site, nor has an archaeologist Cline (whose extended family Clines own/operate an oil-well business a mere country stroll away from the monument +bead site) made occasion to non-chalantly saunter over thereby?

Professor Thomas of UPB, in his age-80s, has yet been teaching history on-campus within recent years. That the innocent kneeling beside the monument, so as to closely view the oracle-bead beneath, has been permitted to generate a Muslim 'craze' is ascertained to have fostered a real and primal fear together with strategies that have 'sent' Smith sailors out to be lost-at-sea.

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