Saturday, June 13, 2009

photos from the walkway on the Stuart causeway bridge over the Indian River lagoon

South side, two piles of excrement one large and one small (Evans Crary Sr. bridge over the St. Lucie River). Camcorder photos of west island, south side, showing a popped palm-tree base in a few inches of water plus overhead sequence of very clean black tire suspended in shoreline foliage -- both near previous hermit-crab rush towards abandoned live-seed avocado. The north side also has a popped palm-tree base with a smaller circumference visible in a few inches of water, but only the south side was being photographed yesterday.

Walking off the Ernest Lyons Bridge toward Stuart Beach, a lone disposable blue BIC lighter on sidewalk with rusting ignition parts, yet containing some fluid; lighter later deposited in a Kcc garbage dumpster. Stuart Beach was fun, fun, fun in the late afternoon before high school graduation ceremonies but a pothole in the parking lot marred the exhilaration.

The return walk to Kcc was a stumble near disgorged fur/skin/nails/skeletal remains of some small mammal lying on the northside walkway of the Ernest Lyons bridge, carefully slid into a plastic bag from backpack and deposited on a grassy plot in Sewall's Point that extends northward to the Rio/Jensen Beach mainland. The pelt-like mat resembled a small gray kitty-cat, and I am still feeling weepy. When I first arrived in Stuart a few years ago, the flattened pelt-like mat of a larger (yet perhaps younger) spotted cat was removed from the SE Ocean roadway to the extended-curb near Krueger Creek.

And, a set of automobile skid marks extending from one side of the roadway to the other, crossing double yellow center lines, on the bridge over the St. Lucie River.

[Stuart News 1/1/2009 -- Humane Society of the Treasure Coast, Palm City (FL) ad/notice, PETS OF THE WEEK, "...Amore: this adorable little girl was left behind after a move and is looking for a home. She is just over a year old, a beautiful, gray domestic longhair and is sweet and cuddly. Amore can't wait to meet you!...". With photo. Gee, if they had spelled the color 'grey' would the little kitty still be alive today?]

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