Thursday, June 11, 2009

What is 'safe space' in South Florida? - Topix

What is 'safe space' in South Florida? - Topix

What is 'safe space' anywhere these days and nights? It appears that 'safe space' is a multipurpose term that business-domains are busy implementing in various ways:

Wells Fargo bank (recently made partners with Wachovia Bank in Florida and elsewhere) offers Wells Fargo 'vSafe' service that stores personal documents electronically. Social-services departments in South Florida have set up 'SafeSpace' premises which, alas, are not safe havens for all clients (one death in Stuart and one in Vero Beach). 'Safe Space' can also be associated with business-schemes that might provide hard-copy document or valuables storage that can withstand hurricane-force winds.

As a business-scheme term, the possibility that SafeSpace clients can be required to work maintaining Wells Fargo 'vSafe' and perhaps also ultra-security valuables storage sites seems to be a perfect mesh of services -- if clients are dolls or robots.

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