Thursday, June 18, 2009

the success of predictability

Today the Martin Memorial Thrift Shop here in Stuart, FL, presented a special sale with special prices, to benefit a local cancer fund. Advance notice of the sale was printed up in the Stuart News yesterday. I found three great tops in various shades of green, one 'Made in Indonesia' and another 'Made in Guatemala', all three cotton.

It's fig season again, and the fig trees beside Walgreen's on Monterey Road are dropping fruit onto sidewalk and roadway. It's a slippery mess for pedestrians; some of the figs are the size of raisins. I stopped and gathered some of them, many not yet spent, from the roadway and filled a plastic bread-bag about a third full with all sizes, some rose-colored and others yet green, most bearing live seeds. The sidewalk on the opposite side of the road is always swept and clear of the figs that fall from multiple trees. All but a small handful were tossed from the bag into various marshy areas of Kingswood Terrace Road and the retention pond.

A squirrel lay slain in the middle of Monterey Road near the Blake Library. Just a night or two ago, some TV broadcast (from "the Palm Beaches") showed a squirrel on waterskis that was prevailed upon to give performances, if we are to believe the story, some overseas. Sometimes only the pelts are found. The creature was pulled together and placed beneath a cool clipped bush in the Monterey Commons area.

A helicopter spun into the air from Witham air field and passed over Kingswood Terrace Road just as I discovered some glass bottles lying in the hot sand (searing 90-degree sunshine this week). My backpack was full with tops and books purchased from the Blake Library; the bottles were too hot to carry away from the wisps of dried grass interspersed among the scrub-brush nearby both slough and fenced retention pond. The operators of the 'copter could not miss sighting the figs piled a short distance from Martin Memorial Medical Mall, but I sent a description of the scenario to a local Stuart website anyway. They were flying low enough to sight an open safety pin on the sidewalk near the library as well (it's going to be a safety-pin stretch now that the Krueger Creek fishing-lure has been removed?)

I was speechless as I checked the new cactus patch and discovered that the rounded tops of each nascient cactus pad had been clipped straight across, not easily accomplished between signpost and KTR terminus fencerail, as if those were mere weeds thrusting moisture-holding pads up from the hot sand. Someone weed-wacked the bunny-ear cactus pads. Fish tiny and larger were alarmed as well; wading birds scanned continuously to detect threats to their long curved beaks.

And, oh yeah, a cigar stub near the shopping carts at Walgreens.

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