Saturday, June 27, 2009

cleared out and quiet

It has been a hot, sunny and not-so-active Saturday in northeast Stuart, FL, so off I went with household dustpan in hand to scrape dried and smashed figs off the sidewalk (the sidewalk!) this time beside Walgreens drive-through pharmacy on Monterey Road, across from Stuart Surgical Center. It was easy work and continued demonstration of rubber-toed sneakers as a sort of tool that can be used to pry the small fruits from the cement -- a sort of dance if no one else is walking through.

Two regular (mid-)-sized plastic bags (one shopping, the other protective) were filled with the fruits peeled and scraped to clear the walkway but there were many hazardous (hazardous!) fruits remaining when I walked away with one full bag leaving a full Wal-Mart bag in the grass beside the store. Oh, the happy tweets there were when fruits were again scattered nearby/into standing water, together with live seeds that the breaths of well-behaved birdies can nurture into real vines and trees.

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o At, the annual 'Wedding Belles Contest 2009' names regional winners of cash prizes. One name might well be a backup-fund recipient so as to 'rescue' an ailing Amy Winehouse (ailing! if we are to believe the recent-past press accounts). Their mothers will hate such an interpretation of events, ain't no doubt.

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