Friday, June 12, 2009

Thought for the Week: Try this sign: Scientists Against Disease - Topix

Thought for the Week: Try this sign: Scientists Against Disease - Topix

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The 2004 hurricanes were something really 'special' in this Martin County, FL, region -- they overlapped, being both consecutive and for awhile simultaneous. Those who weathered the first storm were totally surprised by the second, which gives us the unsavory situation that unrecognizable lumps of matter along shorelines just might be the non-proven remains of relatives irretrievably lost.

Hence the sudden impetus to initiate the Torrey Pines molecular research facility in Tradition, FL. Although most believe idealistically that Torrey Pines has been started-up to formulate new medicines from matter/materials found in sea and ocean waters, thereby attracting ambitious future pharmacists, researchers first and foremost must be able to know exactly what kind of matter it is that they are holding/testing post-hurricanes.

All those (mostly people who did not stay in the region during the hurricanes, including especially those who routinely leave the area during the summer months) becoming perturbed about the slow pace of plasma-arc trash vaporization facility lobbied to be set-up in St. Lucie County remain worried about the kinds of diseases that remain active or dormant without a vaporization facility to which they wish to refer their relatives as potential employees and as a way to maintain/increase political status in sub-tropical Florida -- an insensitive attitude toward those whose relatives may now be unrecognizable lumps which beachgoers and anglers must walk over/around.

Open opposition to those now ensconced within condo complexes suddenly converted to age-55+ premises now includes routine use of mass-purchased, topless plastic trash-receptables into which all household waste can be dumped, becoming a smelly, insect-laden cache of household discards simply transferred to common dumpsters for wage-earning laborers to haul away to landfills. Their deer-slaying 'mos' diff'rent' days are past.

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