Thursday, June 4, 2009

from the foxed manila envelope...

Remember when inmates performed a rock concert at San Quentin some years ago?

Well, a review of my newspaper clippings (perhaps secret information made available to them from handlers of scissored and discarded examples) gives examples of what they should have been doing:

'New device allows recording at concerts' (The Examiner, 4/30 - 5/2/2004), "...a cigarette-lighter-sized hard drive hanging off your key chain..." to record the concert and run it through your home PC's sound-spectrograph analyzer so as to determine if your're getting a real live concert or a recorded lip-synch, or something totally different than advertised.

'Gunshot recognition system is coming' (San Jose Mercury News, 12/20/2004), "...uses equipment and a computer to recognize gunshots..." so that your album collection can be sound-spectrographed so as to determine whether any actual guns were used during the recording (or whether dental amalgams were being gnashed).

'Hopes, Fears About Parkinson's" (San Francisco Chronicle, 2/17/2001), "...immature, all-purpose stem cells derived from embryos...can be blocked from heading down any path than...the type of ...brain cell that is missing..." so that use of embryos during such research can be outlawed with the understanding that music-albums illegally copyrighted in RIAA factories are a cause of neurological dysfunction.

Last but not least, 'Bob Dylan now a 'Dr.'', (The Examiner, 6/24/2004), "...The University of St. Andrews...making Dylan, 63, an honorary Doctor of Music...who...arrived 50 minutes into the ceremony and did not address the audience..." so that uses of the word "of" can be articulated in ways that identify entertainment-domain patsies who are routinely directed onstage to perform music that has their name on it (and can also be directed to use their fee-money this way or that way).

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