Monday, May 4, 2009


Remember the music album-theme titled 'Jamming with Edward' -- one of many such album-themes seized and illegally copyrighted within the premises of the Recording Industry of America here in the United States, paradoxically using "freedom of the press" as rationale.

The resultant social pressure affects all Edwards everywhere now, and no doubt is believed to be an effective means to control the historically gun-toting British here in the Americas, albeit an illegal recourse.

A December issue of the Stuart News describes one Bill Edwards, in his age 70s, who has "emphysema and a bad knee" and who is set up to accept all kinds of donations which should be sent to the Council on Aging organization addressed on 10th Street here in Stuart, FL.

This week's Internet news describes efforts to investigate the financial affairs of John Edwards in the Carolinas, who has been nominated from time-to-time to hold national political office.

Because the RIAA has illegally copyrighted and distributed 'Jamming with Edward', the question remains open about just who is the 'Edward' referenced within the music album-theme title such that all Edwards and their families everywhere remain under constant sometimes debilitating scrutiny. It is conceivable and somewhat obvious that one Edwards is successively nominated as a candidate to be elected as a way, believe or not, to determine just which of all Edwards is the one to which the music album-theme makes reference.

This is not a complex or complicated political maneuver, but its intent has not been clearly explained within the nation's sociopolitical arenas. The 'Jamming with Edward' music album-theme is furthermore a singular one issued from the recording industry factories, and is not particularly well-known and has never been hyped in the mass media.

In no way has an investigation of the activities of the RIAA been yet initiated, although they are the offenders who also enable a type of enslavement of performers, who are scheduled to participate in shows upon demand.

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