Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"mortal coil" strategies (continued)

Also during yesterday's walk to Stuart Beach ("the compound"), a pair of women wearing identical screen-print t-shirts arrived at the beach with a scooper customarily used to capture shellfish and crustaceans in the sand -- such smaller creatures are usually plentiful but were not visible beneath the hot daytime sun. The beach was sparsily populated and vigil was continued. A helicopter passed by overhead moving northward along the coast.

Old-timers in the region no doubt know how to spot sea creatures which have been feeding on human remains and/or that carry such residues in their guts. The example of the 'Body Farm' in Tennessee perhaps is the underlying impetus to initiate biotech research in this South Florida region, so that such creatures can be immediately identified where lives are lost within ocean waters. Maybe such identification ability is the reason that the Ocean Breeze Park, Florida, locale elected a female mayor at her age-century mark.

However, active vendettas appear to be the reason why at least some people are lost overboard from vessels traversing ocean waters; vendettas might also be the reason why some deceased people are 'earmarked' for use within forensic research scenarios (of the 'St. Peter's Gates' variety, using Biblical reference). In California, driver's licenses once had a stick-on label that identified the bearer as a future tissue-donor, but there is ample reason to believe that such status increases the likelihood of illegal surveillance and freedom-of-movement issues within that huge state.

Again, I was almost hit entering an intersection crosswalk during the brief return hike through Sewall's Point, as if automobiles are a 'technological advantage' existing for that purpose among other purposes. 'Advanced technology' is a catchphrase among manufacturer populations who have set their sights on FL, not especially to tame or as a symbiotic attitude but rather to dominate. Pedestrians who are weary or hungry must "watch their step".

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