Thursday, May 28, 2009

another cool and thunderous day

Today I decided to walk along SE Ocean Boulevard westward to Hospital Pond Park at the coirner (ha ha!) of Palm Beach Road.

The night before last I pulled shut all the window-blinds hanging in the bedroom where I sleep -- usually I leave some some open-window space to maintain contact with nighttime reality -- and as privately predicted, the armadillo carcass had been reduced to tough outer 'shell' and tail.
Above:  rainwater 'wash-out' onto sidewalk between Kingswood condo complex and Ocean Palms retirement facility [time-date stamp wrong]

More trouble for snakes--there was a dead black one in the bicycle lane in front of Ocean East Mall and someone had doggedly cycled over it, smashing its upper body (certainly different from a simple shed snakeskin), about a foot-and-a-half long. Multiple toadskins were evident on sidewalks and in roadway, along with a shed turtle-skin, and an almost unidentifiable black bunch of fluff with a skeleton.

A fishing lure has been lying on the southside bridge walkway over Krueger Creek more than two years now, so I pocketed it; the lure consists of tied black-and-brown hair and a metal spoon that is stamped 'Made in France' with triple rusting hooks. I also pocketed a flattened and rusting AA battery lying in an intersection and picked up pieces of the same shattered brown Budweiser beer bottle lying on sidewalk in front of the American Heart Association's Gross Center that was seen during the last walk thataway. The pieces of glass were dumped into a trash can at the Pond Park, and replaced with small mangos taken from the ground and held in a Lender's Bagels plastic bag.

The small white worms-stage of small fly metamorphosis had almost totally consumed the flesh of one mango fruit on the ground while locals watched, so I picked it up and carried it to a bushy area beside the creek between water and private lawn. I tossed it, and it landed in a perpetually moist area with a sandy 'thud' while lizards scrambled to add it to their duty watch (the second seed thrown there).

So I ultimately returned, after resting on a bench in the small park, to Kingswood condo complex via Kingswood Terrace Road, stopping briefly to scoop up three damaged figs lying in the roadway beside Walgreen's to toss hither and yonder near water-filled slough populated with large wading birds (three more 'thuds'). Hospital Pond Park also has a tree growing near its single bench that has long slender seed pods dangling from the branches, which are blackened from the hot sunlight and suddenly split lengthwise with a loud cracking sound; each half of a seed pod falls to the ground and they slowly curl into black ringlets, with a similar appearance to human-hair ringlets or manufactured electrical-line coils (the origin and inspiration for 'geri-curl' hair treatments).

To whom it may concern: there is a swirl-pattern multi-colored glass smoking pipe in the grass in front of the Vista Pines condo complex; a chunk of glass at the mouthpiece is missing, but it is still nice-looking. Oh yeah, the rusting muffler removed from the bike lane a few days ago has been further removed, from the Holy Redeemer church lawn to an out-of-the-way place in the grass near the Chevron station on SE Ocean Boulevard.

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