Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the wrong website, I presume

What a coincidence -- 'Blogs of Note' lists

The website recently entered, 'RIAA withdraws judgement enforcement motion in collection action, RIAA vs. Viola'. The website has been initiated at the behest of others by an individual lawyer who obviously represents performer interests while music-album piracy actions occurring within RIAA factories are entered into a common database. It's a bad time to entrap the Viola family to use them in an Internet file-sharing legal 'contest' -- they lost a very young child in one of the Stuart, FL, 2004 hurricanes.

Therefore I felt compelled to comment at the article, since it has been little articulated anywhere that all-vocal music has been released into the mainstream broadcast domain without informed consent, and specific performers take instruments in hand to do stage shows. Quote: "The happy Viola hums; the angry Viola...".

Following that comes a entry attributed to the website lawyer -- quote, "Good riddance, Hummer!", a somewhat questionable observation since a middle-aged storm-affected Viola recently died as a diabetic here in Martin County, FL (too late to enjoy savings advertised with Walgreen's cereal-for-diabetics coupons).

Today's front-page section of the Stuart News (5/27/2009) gives the article titled, 'Okeechobee fisherman escapes from the jaws of 11-foot alligator', datelined Fort Pierce: "...with his son...Nubbin Slough...Antonio Prado, 47...self-employed truck driver...". Quite possibly there is no more Italianate name than 'Antonio', who was net-fishing when he was bit on both arm and chest as a photograph shows.

Since the 'viola' instrument can be categorized as a sort of sex object, and a dark-brown one to boot, 'Devil's advocates' find it easy to criticize the Violas about their losses and alleged misuses of ISP music files, using journalism made public; and as usual to also extend such beratements to peers with similar Italian-like surnames. In all likelihood, Prado has lost a regional fuzzy magnet-beast (lynx claimed to be Russian and recently shot trying to negotiate terrain near sudden 'world-class transportation hub' installations) along with the rest of us.

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