Thursday, April 30, 2009

what a change

During a return walk today (!) to the west island beneath the bridge over the Indian River lagoon here in Martin County, FL, unusual small holes were observed in the asphalt of the traffic lanes that hold traffic flowing through Sewall's Point past the (ahem) Harbor Bay Plaza. Although they are the approximate size of reflectors affixed-then-dislodged in the roadway (with tar) to more clearly separate the traffic lanes, they also resemble to a remarkable degree the pits/slumps caused when frightened frogs/toads adhere to the asphalt to hold their positions -- a sight also seen within Kingswood condo complex. The small holes are not showstoppers but are reason to wonder while traversing SE Ocean/Route A1A, which passes the plaza and other businesses including a Keller law firm.

I decided to pick up more trash along the north-side shoreline again ("one less, one less" annual coastal cleanup assignment), and that trash included a number of infant/baby disposable diapers/training pants lying almost beneath the span itself. Today I also made photos, and the array was almost exactly the same as yesterday -- dried-up ray-on-a-rock, crab carapaces, orange child's t-shirt, various darkly-dyed jersey-knit rags. After putting the trash into a picnic-area trash can, I tossed out old chocolate-covered malt balls from my backpack to about a half-dozen crows; later, an apple core went into the water to bob along in the wave action. Some doves flew by. and a pelican closely reconnoitered the floating apple core.

And yes! the spider hopped out again to directly view my exit, as if I may be 'Miss Muffet' in my own mind, but not 'Miss Moffet'.

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