Thursday, May 14, 2009

t'anks for the memory

Today I walked to the 'east island' on the bridge over the Indian River lagoon, lettered 'Ernest F. Lyons Bridge' in small black print at its Hutchinson Island end. The same tanker truck that was seen yesterday again carried its load over both bridges and back again a number of times; the tank was at one time painted white without any identification but appears to be rusty yet perhaps simply petrol-stained in affiliation with older-model trucks in use to renovate various Martin County (Florida) environs post-hurricanes, with landscaping as example.

The east island differs from its west-most counterpart in that there are restrooms. Some people were enjoying the wind-surfing conditions (warm and a steady breeze) while others boated and fished. Again, large birds floated and bobbed in water while fellow crows and terns circled around the bridge area; pelicans and terns made spectacular splashes into the water to pick up spent fish. Flashback to Sandsprit Park where large waterway birds scooped spent fish from the shallow water and filleted them with long sharp beaks; three white fish about two feet long lay on the south shoreline, flesh stripped from all bones except the heads, which were large enough for a fish-heads 'n' rice meal should anyone care to claim them.

A screen-printed t-shirt covered in sand at the north shoreline was toed out and shaken to lay upon a rock arrangement piled among other human-made rock arrangements, some arranged in circles at the water's edge as if hoping that a spent fish will float in and be corraled. A Coke Zero plastic bottle filled with frozen-then-melting water carried in my backpack was a cool refreshment and joke. Small children fished or played in the shoreline sand under close and watchful eyes of their families.

Small crabs swam in the shallow water near sea-lettuce type plants, fanning brown/transparent leaves in the tiny-wave action.

When I returned to the Internet this evening, the website's Buffalo, NY, newswire described a scenario where a store clerk had been terrorized at Massachusetts and Normal Streets in that city, and the video/photos of the two men alleged to have held up the store appeared to match the appearance of two men encountered on the east island. But then again, do horseshoe crab shells more or less resemble the shells of true crabs when seeking the former? The sea-lettuce was not green.

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