Monday, May 25, 2009

the conspiracy continues

Suddenly, all the bottles of naval jelly sitting on shelves in the Dollar General store are missing, precisely when I am entering the store to buy one.

Property owners have been warned during this weekend's FEMA presentation in Florida that "hurricane season starts June 1", but FEMA website contact numbers can be suddenly changed (i.e., 'Disaster Assistance' fax number now "non-working number of United Healthcare..."); property owners whose damaged housing has not yet been repaired (such as those still missing loved ones lost during the shock of two consecutive 2004 hurricanes in Stuart, FL) are surrounded with medical-mall settings that lack safe pedestrian walkway entry-/exit-ways while eagle-eyed realty-representatives wait to swoop in and claim non-repaired property.

Hurricane-damaged property that has been repaired is also being targeted with realtor by-mail contacts who present themselves as candidates to participate in personal property sales.

Marriott Hotels have been built in the region, dominating the regional atmosphere, no doubt under the watchful eyes of gun-toting security personnel, and the incidence of gun-related deaths in the Martin County area during such construction activities should be a significant statistical figure. Families yet mourn small children lost during the major storms; yet a 'Children's Museum' construction has been made a priority in the Jensen Beach proximity within Indian Riverside Park along the west bank of the Indian River lagoon (so-named 'Indian River' because certain species migrate into and out from the region from continental India seas).

A SWAT team encounter was orchestrated and staged during Hutchinson Island condominium construction activities at an embedded ordinance site, with intent to make that a legal precedent to use as reference when other construction-companies begin land-grabs in a region (storm-shocked or not)--in other words, if construction personnel are not building over ordnance in the future, then SWAT will arguably have no jurisdiction.

Near the pedestrian-hazard medical-malls here in northeast Stuart, a blood-'donation' facility (and the word 'donation' is always in question where individuals can be demanded or ordered in to have their blood taken as a nonvoluntary act) has been constructed and most recently, a former convenience-store is now lettered 'Catering Service'. A Starbucks location is listed for sale, open for business only a time-period of months, converted from a former 'Burger King' franchise building.

It is an accurate perception that conversion of the area to a 'service-economy', typical of some California regions, is being actively attempted which means that no-serve somewhere = no service. Such economies exclude a diverse and humane variety of human endeavors, and churches become nothing more than the political soapboxes of occupying troops.

Large-scale automobile clearances have increased the number of young drivers using newly-renovated roadways, lacking front-bumper license-plate identification. The same populations have not acknowledged continuing debate about the uses of tag-plates to advertise companies or political persuasions, and typically carry one or more guns within vehicle storage compartments.

'Stage shows' continue to be scheduled in the Stuart area, as a use of food and space that can't be questioned among storm-shocked, bereaved inhabitants -- such performances often featuring pirated song/script materials while other debates continue about how to address RIAA piracy now prevalent within the nation's factories. Populations must either attend performances or stay inside other dwellings so as to not be snuffed out; young children in the area have been saddled with music compositions and other pirated content such that their young lives have been snuffed out during 'criticism' actions.

It's all very sordid, and follows the behavior patterns established after the Earthquake of 1989 in San Francisco, CA, and those surrounding environs.

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