Tuesday, May 19, 2009

fresh clean air, but what's that sound?

Today's http://www.wptv.com/ website gives us the 'Local News' title, 'Flood Watch in Effect'. "...excessive rainfall fueled by a moist airmass over the area...portion of central Florida...".

A walk along SE Ocean Boulevard last night was a refreshing change from the humidity of previous days -- cool raindrops falling all around with occasional thunder -- but with dismay an occasional crunching sound was heard beneath shoes as traffic whizzed around the curve towards and from the bridge over the St. Lucie River only (a ) block(s) away.

Little snails the size of a dime were arrayed over the sidewalk, moving headlong from wooded areas onto the wet concrete; pedestrian-sway near moving vehicles sometimes crushed one, their white already-made-flattened shells shattered as toads and other pushy creatures waited to ingest the victims.

Usually, worms are pushed out onto concrete or asphalt walkways to be immobilized and baked in the hot daytime sun for the pickings of small wildlife; toads can predictably be seen waiting in specific places (e.g., near drainage grates) for the inexorable phenomena.

The rainfall wasn't excessive in northeast Stuart, but rather gave the area a much-needed soaking.

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