Thursday, May 7, 2009

ready for stimulus payment

One BudLight brown beer bottle discarded in Cedar Pointe Plaza sent into a trash can. Many bags of $2 and $3 14-quart potting mix in Dollar General store; two taken to repot avocado plants.

One quarter-section of an orange on berm in front of Martin County Golf Course, signaling the presence of a herpetological marvel of some kind, perhaps?

It's really quite hot. The black snake recovered, or its buddy, or a mirage of some kind appeared in a non-used yard along St. Lucie Boulevard. Some such snakes grow to be eight+ feet long near the rivers in Florida. Gun sales are up in FL (sez the Stuart News), which might mean that it is less safe than ever before to think about getting a free drink of water among riverfront private-properties claimed.

The Stuart News printed a notice asking to have volunteer help to set oyster shells in the St. Lucie River this week, then printed a photo and story about the work which involved boats carrying oyster shells to the western end of the Evans Crary Sr. Bridge, where people placed them in the water. The newspaper tells us that infant oysters prefer to anchor themselves on other oyster shells as some kind of primary identification easily exploited; the article does not state whether such bag-o'-shells placement is an annual event or not.

[In some regions, longtime denizens often opt to behave in a "be our guest" or "like family" way, such that any harebrained idea communicated during casual contact will be publicly demonstrated as reason or not to accept strangers' interest. Most recently, minced rabbit is all the rage and featured in one regional restaurant, as example.]

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