Tuesday, May 12, 2009

As the snail moves forward...

o A week ago, a green-glass beer bottle was found near bushes within the preserve-type adjoining foliage where one of the Kingswood condo complex roadways intersects with a through-road (a former lover's lane, now used as an age-55+ condo-complex traffic lane). Much of the foliage in the small woodland drops leaves/fronds which disintegrate into humous as a natural process, although the sizeable piles of dead plant matter cause some concern about the possibility of fire.

I have already described the avocado plants growing in pots {each new-pot buy larger than the previous ones) on this condo porch; I have also described the extremely hot temperatures of glass bottles left lying in the south Florida sunshine, embedded in the sand which is their composition-origin.

And now, yesterday and today the Stuart News has presented large- and bold-print headlines warning, '400 Acres Burn', "Mother's Day marred by brush fires in Indiantown..." and 'Fires still Raging', "...Little Ranch Estates...". Can we suspect glass bottles plus slash 'n' burn motives? Somewhere there are people who know exactly how many glass bottles were lying within that Indiantown acreage, and should be challenged to come forth with the data.

o Today's hike was initiated moving in the opposite direction from the Indiantown fires -- to Stuart Beach wearing a flamingo-pink Florida cotton shirt with light-green California cotton
shorts. Another man-overboard incident occurred recently, and there is no report that a previous man-overboard has yet been found near Vero Beach (California native). Both are missing from boats.

A handful of withered seed-pods about the size of large cherries were gathered up within Kcc grounds and tossed into the water from the west-side of the bridge over the St. Lucie River (technically 'snug harbor' territory), a 'happy beast' ploy that is effective only if there is no plan to trap or eat the creatures. About a dozen photos from two cameras were made from the Evan Crary Sr. Bridge over the river, from Sewall's Point, and from the bridge over the Indian River Lagoon, because a two-stage column of smoke extended as a mushroom-shaped tower of particulate matter suspended in the air over Indiantown. Have such incidents in the past inspired the deadly atomic bombs? The temperature has been ranging from 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit during the past week, and people who reside there aren't saying how many glass bottles were absorbing and amplifying the extreme hotness within the sandy turf -- there is a differential hotness when glass is lying in sand as compared to grass or earth, a skin-searing difference.

Several people were alert to the situation, pacing about on the west-island beneath the bridge over the Indian River lagoon; a glass-globe appeared to be missing from one of the nearby streetlamps that light the bridge's road/walkways. Only a few days ago, a TV-journalism broadcast proclaimed that "not all fire is wrong". Several fish appeared at the surface of the river water as I walked along the south walkway, and boats filled with fishing poles, lines and anglers immediately motored over and tossed their hooks into the water at that location near metal bridge supports. A steady breeze cooled all, and rain fell during the return walk to Kcc, rain that was shown to shower Indiantown as well, during video footage presented during the Palm Beach TV station's broadcast; dark water-filled clouds erased the smoke-column completely during the return walk westward.

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