Thursday, May 21, 2009


o Aw-ww. Another armadillo, smaller than the previous ones lying dead close by Kingswood condo complex on asphalt roadway. Less corporeal damage evident than previous larger examples of the species, perhaps as a result from bicycle-lane demarcation; cracked but not horribly split or crushed. About the size of a football, the young creature was easily carried to a probable final resting-place in the cast-off fronds and other foliage near the transit bench beside SE Ocean Boulevard here in northeast Stuart, FL, only one block from the St. Lucie River.

Facing the local telephone directory, a call made to the Martin County 'Dead Animals' number was answered with a recording which informs any caller that the 'Dead Animals' number is no longer in service, that instead an 'Engineering' office would redirect call. Therefore, a different call was made to the Health Department's 'Environmental' office, where I was informed that the office does not do dead-animal pick-ups, but that private-property maintenance might include a burial of the dead beast with its various flesh wounds, already attracting the very close attention of ants and large birds.

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From the Kcc tweet-line:

/ -- 'Fires at Regional Restaurants', 4/26/2009. What has subsequently happened in McKean County, PA.
/ 'Cook loses Brother to Brain Cancer' at, Memphis News, 5/3/2009.
/ 'Man sustains burns from cleaning chemicals at Sonny's BBQ', Palm Beach County (FL), at, 5/8/2009 (also reported via TV journalism). What is notable about this entry is that years ago in San Francisco, CA, I had joked with a co-worker that I hoped there wasn't going to be a staple in food served in an untried lunch-time restaurant while a think-tank employee -- but, yep, there one was.
/ San Francisco Sentinel, 'SF 'shooting du jour' -- shot in the butt at Bay and Taylor Streets', 5/10/2009 (CA).
/ 'Giuseppe Gregory pub shooting: police examine CCTV of three masked men in Manchester' at, "...shot outside the Robin Hood VW Golf..." 5/13/2009. 'Casa Giuseppe's Italian Grill' here on Indian Street, on the other hand, offered a coupon in the 12/18/2008 issue of Treasure Coast Neighborhood Post.
/ Salamanca Press in Salamanca, NY -- 'Former mayor and current county legislator to run for city mayor in next election', 5/7/2009, "...first made his name in the restaurant business when he opened Carmen's Pizza in currently in his third four-year term as county legislator...Cattaraugus County...NY...plans to run under dual party status...".
/, 'Tidioute victim ID'd' , "... Tidioute Pub on Main Street...fight outside...Troy McFarland...punched in the face by...Brandyn Bynum ...fell...hit his head on the ground...". More thoroughfare news from the great state of PA (without so much as a finger in the Florida raffle pile).

The reason I quit AOL-Chat: too many chatter "Ouch"es, and now users must sign up with an additional identification service.

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