Thursday, January 22, 2009, a slippery slope

o Banana peels have been appearing on northeast Stuart, FL, sidewalks in recent months. Anyone who has been a devotee of old TV cartoons or comic strips/books knows that the banana peel is a staple to show people in comical positions. The TV shows have used laugh tracks to accompany such content although slipping on banana peels can be detrimental to safety and injurious to health. Just kick 'em to the berm.

o The new restaurant installed across the roadway from Vista Pines condo complex is fully titled 'Siam Orchid' and is located just across the bridge over the St. Lucie River from 'Benihana' restaurant in Sewall's Point. A canned-vegetable-intensive 'bistro' has also been installed in Cedar Pointe Plaza during months past, located beside the Stracuzzi Plaza and new 'Thai-Japanese' installation (formerly known as 'KOI' Japanese restaurant).

The area's chiclids are very loud splashwise and have significant size.

o Whatever vehicle bumped noisily into the center median on SE Ocean Boulevard the other night, between Kingswood and Cedar Pointe condo complexes, left some kind of an automotive pipe behind at the front edge of the brick middle-ground.

o And, oh no, an elderly 'Viennau' was listed in regional obituaries only days ago.

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